Friday, September 18, 2009

New Polls Competition for "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" here now!!!!

Hi....After the success of the "Most Popular Princesses" competition here now!!!! We will have another competition this time is "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple".....Pls read below for the format now....

New voting format for "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" is as follow:

First, all of you need to do is to nominate your favorite "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" at the sidebar below the "Most Popular Princesses" polls there now.

Second, we will pick only Top10 most nomination list here then we will go thould the voting polls here again.

Third, each week we will eliminate 3 couple here which will be divided into 2 Groups voting from Group A and B.

Four, Only Top2 winner from Group A and B will qualify to the FINAL STAGE.

Five, No Revival Round here anymore.

Six, FINAL STAGE we will have 4 couple(Top2 from GROUP A and B with the highest number of votes) to fight for the "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" here now!!!!

The nomination form will be closed on Wednesday(23/9/2009) and the Nomination list will be out after that to start for voting.

(Note: WINNER for the "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" Photo would be put up at the sidebar for 1 month.)

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