Thursday, February 2, 2012

Overall Champions for "Princesses Of The Month" at 2011!!!!

Overall Champions for Year 2011: Jesseca Liu(刘芷绚).


Here is the result for Overall Champions for " 7-Princesses Of The Month" at 2011!!!!

Below is the Winning list of the 7-Princesses:

Jesseca Liu(刘芷绚) - 7 Times(January, March, April, May, July, August & September).
Dawn Yeoh(姚懿珊) - 3 Times(October, November & December).
Rui En(瑞恩) - 2 Times(February & June).
Felicia Chin(陈靓瑄) - None.
Fiona Xie(谢宛谕) - None.
Jeanette Aw(欧萱) - None.
Joanne Peh(白薇秀) - None.

You can check it OUT all the result at the "Polls Archived" below the polls there now and we will calculate it every years here together....

Thanks for your support!!!!

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