Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Princesses' rankings in FHM Top 100!!

All the 7 Princesses of MediaCorp have earned different positions in this year's list for the FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women Of The World!! And yes, one of them has even earned No 1 position!!! :-)

Dawn Yeoh is back in the list at No 48, after one year of absence.
"Her Royal Sweetness holds the title of Goodwill Ambassador for the Japan Creative Centre in Singapore."

Rui En has jumped from No 57 to No 31.
"She's uncomfortable doing intimate scenes and is known for her "poor" PR skills. Yet Rui En has more acting cred than most other local actresses. This girl really has something going for her."

Fiona has dropped from No 4 to No 13.
"Buxomy Miss Xie is still Missing In Action as time of print. We'll let you guys know when she calls."

The remaining 4 Princesses have earned a spot within the Top 10...

Jesseca Liu is upgraded from No 21 to No 8.
"Once touted to be the next Ah Jie of Caldecott Hill... we still believe the fiesty Jesseca has what it takes."

Jeanette Aw also promoted from no 24 to No 7.
"Okay, it has got something to do with The Little Nyonya, but you must agree that she oozed sexiness in a tight kebaya."

Joanne Peh stands at No 4, her ranking last year was No 23.
"One of Caldecott's most-prized assets continues her winning ways ith a lead role in Your Hand In Mine, the latest marathon drama by Channel 8."

And Number 1 spot goes to... none other than Felicia Chin!!! :-)))
"Oh how Miss Chin had blossomed. Since her debut FHM spread in 2005 (yes folks, she was on our cover), the girl next door has blossomed into one of the most gorgeous babes on TV. And this year, she gets our vote as the No. 1 Sexiest Woman In The World."

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