Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Result for the Stage 1: "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" will be OUT by Next Week!!!!

For the Stage 1(Group A & B): "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" result will be OUT here by Next Week(2 September 2009) ok!!!!

So, at the mean time please carry on and vote for the Stage 1(Group B) for this week....

STAGE 1 (Group B):

Dawn Yeoh @ Nat Ho.
Felicia Chin @ Zhang Yaodong.
Jesseca Liu
@ Tay Pinghui.
Joanne Peh @ Tay Pinghui.
Rui En @ Elvin Ng.

From now until - 01 September 2009: STAGE 1 for (GROUP B) of voting then we will still eliminate 3 Couple.... the Top2 Group WINNER and Runner-up from (GROUP A and B) will be in the FINAL STAGE....

02 September 2009 - 08 September 2009: FINAL STAGE of voting we will have 4 Couple 2 from the (GROUP A and B) WINNER and Runner-up here to fight for the "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" here now ok!!!!

Rules for the competition are as follow:

STAGE 1(GROUP A): We will have "Multi Voting" here... mean you all are allowed to vote more than once.

STAGE 1(GROUP B): You can still vote more then once here... meaning that it's still a "Multi Voting" here during this stage.

Revival Round: There will be no Revival Round starting from now onwards.

FINAL STAGE: This time you are not allowed to vote more than once, it's not a "Multi Voting" and you will not be allowed to see the results also... meaning that we will "Hide" the results here in this FINAL STAGE here as well.

Special Winner: No Special month WINNER will be here anymore from now onwards.

*Multi Voting is allowed here "Now" for the time being*

(Note: WINNER for the "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" Photo would be put up at the sidebar.)

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