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Catch: Joanne Peh & Rui En in New Drama Series "C.L.I.F 3(警徽天职 3)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series: "C.L.I.F 3(警徽天职 3)".
C.L.I.F 3(警徽天职 3) - Opening Theme Song.
Joanne Peh as (Liao Xinyi) and Rui En as (Huang Zhi Jie) in C.L.I.F 3(警徽天职 3).
New Drama Series: C.L.I.F 3(警徽天职 3).
Total Episode: 25.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm. MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Qi Yuwu, Li Nanxing, Joanne Peh, Rui En, Cavin Soh, Pierre Png, Jayley Woo, Elvin Ng, Terence Cao, Tracy Lee, Sora Ma, Hong Huifang, Bonnie Loo and .......

Story Synopsis: 

Two Thai robbers disguised as policemen entered a condominium apartment. Zhang Guixiang, a traffic policeman, happens to be patrolling in the area. He notices a suspicious car and bumps into the two robbers and their driver, Qingwa. Their ruse exposed, one of the robbers draws out a gun to shoot him. Fortunately, Guixiang’s quick reflexes save him from being shot. Tang Yaojia, who has just been transferred to Police Intelligence Division, rushes to the scene upon being notified of the case. He exchanges fire with the robbers in a fiery shootout. A stray bullet from one of the burglars’ guns hits a passing car and sends it careening. In the midst of chaos, the burglars seize the opportunity to flee. Qingwa, with Guixiang hot on his tail, slips and falls into a coma.

As the suspects possess firearms, the captain of Major Crimes Division, Huang Zhijie, is assigned to investigate the case. Zhijie discovers a male corpse in the apartment that was burglarized and deduces that it is a case of robbery cum murder. After a series of investigations, Zhijie succeeds in finding the robbers’ hideout. One robber is fatally shot by STAR when he showed resistance. While retreating into his hideout, the second robber engages Lantian in crossfire. He suffers the same fate as his accomplice as Lantian fires at him for self-defense. After much interrogation, Qingwa, who has regained his consciousness, admits to assisting the Thai robbers. However, he is unaware of the murder. As Zhijie fails to find anything suspicious about the robbery and a motive for murder, she does not delve deeper into the case. Nevertheless, is this case as simple as it appears to be? Or is there more to it than meets the eyes?

Wei Lantian, captain of Specialised Crime Division of Criminal Investigation Department, is investigating the case of Lin Chunjiao’s illegal moneylending activities involving foreign domestic workers. Sadly, one of the domestic workers is found dead in a rooftop water tank of a HDB block of flats, and one of the suspects turns out to be Guixiang’s father who abandoned his wife and son years ago. Zhang Zhiming, nicknamed “Spider Ming”, is also Chunjiao’s lover. However, Zhijie quickly dismisses Spider Ming’s link to the domestic worker’s death and focuses instead on a supervisor whom the deceased had been seeing.

Although Spider Ming is acquitted, Chunjiao is sentenced to jail for illegal money lending and has to sell her flat to pay the huge fine. The homeless Spider Ming has no choice but to take Chunjiao’s son, Zhang Guifa, along with him and move into Guixiang’s place. Even Weng Xuanmei, Chunjiao’s niece, also moves in with them. Suddenly, there are three additional people in the flat, giving the overwhelmed Guixiang a big headache.

Liao Xinyi returns to Singapore after completing her assignment with the peacekeeping force, and is transferred to Traffic Police to head the Investigation and Reports Branch. Yaojia has set his heart on resuming his relationship with Xinyi, and took great care of her family for the past year when she was away. Xinyi agrees to his request, and they continue their romance. However, during the peacekeeping mission overseas, Xinyi witnessed a traumatizing bombing incident which caused her to develop post-trauma stress order. This results in her frequent mood swing and sudden change in temperament. Although she is cold to Yaojia, he stands by her and encourages her to seek necessary treatment. A mysterious traffic incident involving Zhenting drives the biggest wedge between them right when their relationship begins to stabilize. Can this couple overcome their obstacles to let their love blossom eventually?

Han Junxi, cousin to Han Xiaoyang, an officer in Major Crimes Division, is suspected of drink-driving. Guixiang stops his car to question him. Although Junxi passes the breath analyser test, Guixiang still advises him to get someone to drive his car. Junxi agrees perfunctorily but in fact, continues to drive on his own. As a result, he runs over Chen Yanjun’s parents, leaving one dead and the other in a coma.

Xinyi is put in charge of investigating the accident. Although Junxi manages to get someone to take the rap, she combs through the evidence to prove that the driver culpable is Junxi. In the meantime, Zhijie finds out that Yanjun is still alive and has returned to Singapore. She suspects that Yanjun will harm Junxi to avenge his parents. Xinyi and Zhijie rush to find Junxi and true enough, they see Yanjun driving a car in an attempt to run over Junxi. Can Xinyi and Zhijie stop Yanjun in time and let the law deal with Junxi and Yanjun?

Xiaoyang and Guixiang are a couple whose different backgrounds and mindsets cause them to be incessantly at loggerheads with each other. Junxi’s drink driving case exacerbates their strained relationship, leading to their break up. Xuanmei, Guixiang’s childhood friend, consoles him and in no time, they develop feelings for each other. At the same time, Zhongzheng, the boss of an investment company decides to woo Xuanmei. Who will Xuanmei choose? Will Xiaoyang and Guixiang eventually get back together?

While investigating a vice syndicate, Lantian carries out a raid and apprehends an underage prostitute’s client who turns out to be his buddy, Yang Zhongzheng. Zhongzheng met Lantian when they were both posted to Singapore Police Force to serve National Service. They bonded and became fast friends during their training days, and subsequently joined the force. Zhongzheng had to leave the force after sustaining injuries during an operation. He has since migrated to Australia. Lantian was unaware that of his return. During his younger days, Zhongzheng had a daughter with a Thai girl. He had lost touch with them since. His recent trip back to Singapore is to save his daughter, after learning that she works in Singapore as a call girl. Unfortunately, his daughter is unforgiving and even accuses him of having sex with an underage prostitute. Fortunately, Lantian’s thorough investigations clear his name. He also helps to mend ties between the pair.

Lantian is delighted to be reunited with his buddy, unaware that he is, in fact, part of an international crime syndicate. When Zhongzheng realizes that Lantian’s probe into a commercial fraud case may expose his crimes, he bribes Lantian’s subordinate in a bid to gain intelligence to prevent his underlings from getting caught. Through internal checks, Lantian is suspected of tipping off Zhongzheng and thus suspended from duty. To obtain evidence of Zhongzheng’s criminal record, Lantian carries out his own investigations in the dark. When Zhongzheng sees through his ruse, Zhongzheng’s left hand man, Dehai, tries to kill him. Zhongzheng stops Dehai in Lantian’s defense. Unwilling to turn against Lantian, Zhongzheng decides to quit his syndicate, but is futile as his boss threatens him with his daughter’s life. At this time, Zhijie has also verified that Zhongzheng is not only the mastermind of the Thai burglars’ robbery-murder but is also implicated in another murder case. Zhongzheng, with his identity exposed and nowhere to hide, has a showdown with his buddy Lantian in a bid to save his daughter, Hongxi…

More heart-stopping cases with twists and turns, more exciting scenes of police pitting their wits and might against criminals. And see how law enforcers carry out their tasks with concerted effort and strategy, and how, apart from fighting against criminals and overcoming the onslaught of tricky situations, they deal with their true feelings that surface in the face of love, friendship and kinship.

They epitomise courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness. In carrying out their duties, what are the difficulties, blood and tears, grit and struggles that they have to endure?

Courage. Loyalty. Integrity. Fairness.


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: C.L.I.F 3(警徽天职 3).
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8. 

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