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Catch: Rui En in New Drama Series "Poetic Justice(微笑正义)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Poetic Justice(微笑正义)".

Poetic Justice (微笑正义) - Opening Theme Song.

Rui En(as Liu Yanzhi) in "Poetic Justice(微笑正义)".

New Drama Series: Poetic Justice(微笑正义).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Rui En, Dai Yang Tian, Rebecca Lim, Desmond Tan, Guo Liang, Sora Ma, Zhu Houren, Yuan Shuai, Ben Yeo, Hong Hui Fang, Yao Wen Long, Richard Liu, Tracy Lee, May Phua, Jerry Yeo, Zheng Ge Ping, Constance Song, Brandon Wong, Jeffrey Xu, Ng Hui, Paige Chua, Adeline Lim, Chen Tian Wen, Adam Chen, Priscelia Chan and ......

Story Synopsis:

"Poetic Justice 微笑正义" is a modern day drama about a group of young people involved in investigative journalism. Two journalists team up with a wealthy businessman and a lawyer to help solve cases for those in need. As they investigate further, they uncover more secrets and dark truths behind some of the crimes...
Liu Yanzhi, a TV host cum producer of "Reality TV", lives a nondescript life. Orphaned at a young age, she was raised by her elder brother. Her sister-in-law passed away shortly after Yanzhi graduated from university, leaving behind her daughter Qingzi. Henceforth, Yanzhi takes Qingzi under her wings, The precocious Qingzi is fond of dispensing "advice" on life to Yanzhi, leaving the latter bemused sometimes and enlightened at other times.
Yanzhi had been going steady with her boyfriend Lin Zhonglun, but he went missing three years ago. Firmly believing that Zhonglun will return, she waits faithfully for him to come back and explain his disappearance.
Yanzhi intends to live an aimless and lifeless existence, but after meeting Fang Zhengye, her life is transformed.
If there is such a thing as "a blessed life", where all good things shower on a single person, then Zhengye is a living example. Hailing from a rich family where both his parents head a group enterprise, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Living a life of luxury to the point of extravagance since he was a child, Zhengye possesses looks, brains and a sterling academic record. Upon graduation from university, he has never taken up a job, relying on his investments in property, shares, futures, gold and diversified businesses, to multiply his wealth in the shortest time. He is comfortably enjoying life in the lap of luxury. Nevertheless, the path of life is inevitably paved with obstacles. Zhengye's hindrance is Ming-jie, the new domestic helper. Her behaviour and speech often provide him with food for thought to examine his own behavior.
Zhengye and Yanzhi cross paths when they are involved in the case of a repeat offender, Hong Weixiong. The two of them are initially wary of being embroiled in the matter but become mired in it eventually.
Zhengye and Yanzhi hold differing views on Weixiong's repeat offence of physical assault. Both of them are unrelentingly antagonistic towards each other. Subsequently, some doubts over the case prompted both of them to uncover the truth together. Through their dogged efforts to solve the case, Weixiong is finally cleared of his guilt. Weixiong is extremely grateful to them while Zhengye realises for the first time that accomplishing a meaningful task gives him a great sense of satisfaction. Consequently, he decides to hold a stake in "Reality TV" as well as participate in the programme as a field reporter.
As a result of the case, Yanzhi befriends Zhengye's good friend, Zhisheng. Zhisheng is a lawyer who is refined, cultivated and thoughtful whose only flaw is his calculating attitude towards money matters. Whenever Zhisheng meets a girl he likes, the inability to express his love always makes him prefer to let the friendship develop gradually into a relationship. However, more often than not, the other party ends up as his good friend. Zhisheng is fond of Yanzhi and it is with much difficulty that he plucks up enough courage to woo Yanzhi. She, however, hesitates in accepting him because of Zhonglun.
Zhengye becomes acquainted with Luo Ling, the anchorwoman of "Reality TV", and is entangled in a relationship with her. Luo Ling is a typical city girl - independent, confident, and headstrong, and not one to admit defeat easily. An opportunist, she secures the best advantage for herself whenever she can. Upon finding out that Zhengye has invested in "Reality TV", she makes the first move to start a relationship with him.
However, Zhengye and Luo Ling soon find out that they are not suitable for each other due to their many differences in views. They end their relationship as a result.
Zhengye and Yanzhi, on the other hand, through one collaboration after another, from taking opposite stance to fostering mutual support, they form feelings for each other by and by.
Nonetheless, because of her relationship with Zhonglun, Yanzhi remains uncertain about accepting Zhengye. Eventually however, Yanzi finally summons the courage to accept Zhengye's love. The two of them get together.
Alas, joy is often short-lived. Just as Zhengye and Yanzhi are heading towards the road of happiness, she begins to receive numerous photographs posted by Zhonglun. Based on the clues revealed in the photographs, Yanzhi decides to look for Zhonglun. Zhengye accompanies her on the journey.
When Zhengye and Yanzhi find Zhonglun, the mystery of Zhonglun's disappearance three years before finally comes to light. And what is shocking is that Zhengye and his father are implicated in the mystery.......


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Poetic Justice(微笑正义).
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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