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Catch: Felicia Chin in New Drama Series "Don't Stop Believin'(我们等你!)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Don't Stop Believin' (我们等你!).".

Don't Stop Believin' (我们等你!) - Opening Theme Song.

Felicia Chin(as Du Siman) in "Don't Stop Believin'(我们等你!)".

New Drama Series: Don't Stop Believin'(我们等你!).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Felicia Chin, Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan, Cavin Soh, Brandon Wong, Constance Song, Ben Yeo, Ian Fang, Edwin Goh, Kimberly Chia, Xu Bin, May Phua, Phua Yida, Shane Pow, Wang Yuqing, Xavier Ong and ......

Story Synopsis:

Du Siman is a passionate teacher of a top school. After clashing with the principal over a student, she decides to join Shining Star Secondary School, the school with the worst academic results in Singapore as it accepts pupils who have failed the Primary School Leaving Examinations. Through sheer determination, she manages to convince the principal, Zhou Yaoguang, to recruit her. Unfortunately, Siman's first day at the school turns out disastrous.

Siman sees a female student sitting precariously on the railing, and before she can shout to caution her, the student falls over! Wu Yanbin, too, rushes forward to catch the student with his open arms. Both of them collide with each other and fall. The sight of the "female student" exploding sends Siman screaming away. As Yanbin pacifies her, she notices that the "female student" is actually a mannequin....

Yanbin is a counselor in the school. Once, Siman is locked inside the classroom. Just as she is at her wits' end, she spots Yanbin in the distance. She quickly calls to him for help, but Yanbin walks away nonchalantly. Henceforth, Siman ignores Yanbin totally. Later, she finds out that Yanbin is hearing impaired. That quickly changes her bad opinion of him.

Yanbin, a former student of Yaoguang, was a teenage delinquent who was subsequently remanded at a reformatory. It was because of Yaoguang's undying faith that Yanbin could change for the better that knocked sense into the latter, who vowed to make good and successfully earned his certification as a professional counselor. To repay Yaoguang's kindness, he applies to be a counselor at Shining Star Secondary School on his own accord.

In Siman's class is a student by the name of Bai Zhixiang. If not for a home visit, she will not have believed that in a prosperous First World country like Singapore, there exists such a poor family who not only cannot pay their utility bills, they do not even have gas at home. Then there is another student Cai Wensheng who is studying, and working at the same time to support the family at such a tender age because his father is mentally unwell. Emotions well up when Siman and the new volunteer teacher Angel see these students rushing off to work right after school.

In order to help needy students earn some pocket money, Yaoguang kindly leads a group of students to paint a house. Unfortunately, it ends with the house owner losing his handphone. With a heavy heart, the principal asks the culprit to step forward, but nobody admits to the theft. Then Zhong Junliang comes forward, head hung low, to confess his guilt. The principal takes him to the house to return the handphone, but the owner says that the handphone does not belong to him. It turns out that Junliang is taking the rap to ease the principal's grief.

Zhong Guo'an is the disciplinary master of the school. In front of the whole school, he canes Junliang who is involved in a case where a female student is molested. Feeling maligned, the indignant Junliang throws a bag of urine at Guo'an sneakily. Unfortunately, Guo'an slips and is rendered paralysed as a result. He is wheelchair- bound for life. Full of guilt, Junliang wants to visit Guo'an in hospital but is stopped by Yaoguang. Out of guilt, he protests about not being allowed to see his own father.

Zhixiang has his first taste of love when he falls for a classmate, Yilin, who rejects him. Yilin confides in Yanbin every now and then. Once, when Yilin suffers a nosebleed, Yanbin carefully helps her to stop the bleeding. The young girl somehow develops feelings for him despite knowing that Yanbin is in love with someone else...

Jin Zhengnan, Yanbin's good friend, is fond of Siman after meeting her for the time. To get close to her, he volunteers to conduct a bakery class for the students of Shining Star Secondary School. Siman's heart, however, is with Yanbin. Once, Siman sums up her courage to express her feelings for Yanbin. Unfortunately, Yanbin's hearing defect leads to Siman mistaking him for rejecting her love. Disappointed, Siman finally gives in to Zhengnan's wooing.

Siman and Yanbin take the students on an overseas tour. They find out unexpectedly that Yilin is suffering from a terminal illness. In fact, Yilin knows about it all along but chooses to hide the truth from her teachers and classmates. As her condition worsens, she is unable to participate in the culinary competition organized by the TV station. She can only hope that her teammates will fulfill her wish.

It never rains but it pours. Alex, a problem student who bears a grudge against Yanbin for punishing him, threatens another student into accusing Yanbin of molestation. He even trumps up a load of evidence and produces false witnesses, leaving Yanbin defenceless.

In view of the damning evidence, the school board unanimously decides to fire Yanbin. Yaoguang goes all out to defend Yanbin, and makes up his mind to pursue the matter with him. He vows to resign as Principal if Yanbin is dismissed from his job. Siman is roused to join their camp.

How will Yanbin clear his name? As for the recalcitrant Alex, will he turn over a new leaf? Will the pair of lovers. Siman and Yanbin, be together eventually?


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Don't Stop Believin'(我们等你!).
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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