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Catch: Jesseca Liu in New Drama Series "Yours Fatefully(孤男寡女). " Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Yours Fatefully(孤男寡女)".

Yours Fatefully(孤男寡女) - Opening Theme Song.

Jesseca Liu(as Song Xinxin) in "Yours Fatefully(孤男寡女)".

New Drama Series: Yours Fatefully(孤男寡女).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Jesseca Liu, Kingone Wang, Chen Shu Cheng, Xiang Yun, Eelyn Kok, Cavin Soh, Zzen, May Phua, Sora Ma and .......

Story Synopsis:

Su Xiaoyi is a single professional photographer who lives with his sickly father afflicted with night blindness. He went through two failed relationships. Su has a married elder brother and sister. As his siblings are married, the burden of taking care of his ailing father naturally falls on him.

Song Xinxin is a single professional make-up artist who lives with her mother suffering from an anxiety disorder. She went through a heartbreaking relationship that ended with the man deserting her. She has a married elder sister and younger brother. As her siblings have settled down with their own families, she has no choice but to live with her mother. The burden of looking after her mother naturally falls on her.

Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin are paragons of virtue. They are loyal to their friends, loving towards their siblings, filial to their parents, and ever willing to lend a helping hand to anyone. As such, their time and life are preoccupied with people and things around them. Letting time slip by without any intention of settling down, they end up as lonely singles.

These two individuals lead a colourless life of drudgery and loneliness until they meet each other on an arranged marriage date. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding causes the meeting to end on a sour note. This is followed by several unpleasant encounters. It is not until frequent contact due to work that both realise it is possible to have a cordial relationship exchanging thoughts. Gradually, they learn to appreciate each other's strengths, and love blossoms between them.

Just as the couple are beginning to hope for a life together, they stop in their tracks and shy away from taking a step forward because of their family backgrounds. Accepting the other party means having to shoulder the accompanying huge responsibility of taking care of parents from both sides. Their individual predicament will become a shared problem. Their respective baggage will result in a shared burden.

After several rounds of discussion and persuasion, Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin reach a consensus with their respective parent, that is, both will continue to live with their own parent after the marriage, and they will spend time with each other one week every month. At the same time, they will try all means to arrange for both parents to interact regularly in the hope that one day, all four of them will ideally be living happily under the same roof.

What seems like an ideal arrangement turns out to be problematic in practice. Just as they have managed to settle the matter to everyone's satisfaction, and both are preparing to spend a romantic time together at a resort, a string of problems surfaces...

First, it is Su Shuntian who has a fall in a moment of fear. Zhang Xiuying manages to spend a peaceful day. The next day, she suffers a relapse. Restraining herself from disturbing Song Xinxin and unable to control her emotions, she is afraid of dying alone at home and so dashes out of the flat. She sobs at the void deck the whole night, frightening the neighbours into thinking that a ghost is lurking around the neighbourhood. Finally, it comes as no surprise that Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin's romantic getaway is ruined.

Just when their marriage is fraught with problems, Song Xinxin's old flame Liang Zhiguo goes back to her while Su Xiaoyi's Vietnamese bride whom he almost married also appears. Their love is put to the test.

Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin shares a virtue which is also their Achilles' heel - being soft-hearted and compassionate. Never will they reject any requests for assistance so much so that those around them take advantage of their kindness. These two paragons of virtue always place others above themselves and will not hurt others.

For the sake of their parents and to benefit the people around them, they can see how helpless the situation is and with much agony, reach a mutual agreement to part ways.

However, the separation makes them realise even more that they love each other too deeply to be separated. The more they try hard to forget each other, the more they miss each other. It dawns on them that they are inseparable. They decide to overcome all difficulties to aim for their same goal.

What takes them by complete surprise is that Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying, after becoming friends at a senior citizens' activity, provide each other with a listening ear and build up an interesting relationship. They look forward to meeting each other, keeping the relationship from their children but unaware that both are in-laws.

Both Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying have the idea of spending their lives together. Not only can they look after each other but they will no longer be a burden to their children. However, the fear that making such a decision at their age will send shockwaves and even worse, invite ridicule, stops them from expressing their intentions.

Since Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin are unable to carry out their earlier plan, they decide to let their parents live with them, and resolve any friction that may arise. They proceed to get the elderly couple to move in without obtaining their agreement.

After much emotional struggle, Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying express the intention to spend their lives together to take care of each other as well as relieve their children's burden. As Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying are about to make the announcement, Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin arrange for the two elderly parents to live in their new place. What will be the reaction? Surprised, shocked, dumbfounded, helpless....?

How will the four of them face this situation? Let Su Shuntian and Zhang Xiuying have their way, or Su Xiaoyi and Song Xinxin? Or simply defy convention to become one happy family?

Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Yours Fatefully(孤男寡女).
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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