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Catch: Jeanette Aw in New Drama Series "Destiny in Her Hands (断掌的女人)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Destiny in Her Hands (断掌的女人)".

Destiny in Her Hands(断掌的女人) - Opening Theme Song.

Jeanette Aw(as Luo Jin Yu) in "Destiny in Her Hands (断掌的女人)".

New Drama Series: Destiny in Her Hands (断掌的女人).
Total Episode: 30.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 7pm to 8pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Jeanette Aw, Steve Yap, Jess Teong, Ernest Chong, Joey Leong, Wu Wei Bin, Monday Kang, Emily Chan, Brenda Chiah, Huang Qi Ming, Hong Guo Rui, Mers Sheng, Tate Chan, Soo Wincci and .......

Story Synopsis:

Jin Yu(Jeanette Aw) is born, destined to live an extraordinary life. She is the eldest daughter of Luo Jin Hua and Li Xiu Zhi, with three younger brothers and one younger sister. She is born amidst a fire at home, and her mother has no choice but to give birth to her in a theater. Upon discovering Jin Yu has a pair of broken palms, and hearing that she is a misfortune born to them, she blames all their woes on Jin Yu. Jin Yu is not loved by her parents, and because of their poor family background, she is forced to quit school during her third year of secondary school, and to work at a factory for miniscule pay, and even made to give most of her pay to her mother. Jin Yu wishes deep in her heart to have a home of her own and a loved one to share it with.

Wen Qi Bing is Jin Yu's childhood sweetheart and she dreams of building a happy family with him. However, one of the workers in the factory - Wang De Cheng, takes a fancy to Jin Yu and starts wooing her. Jin Hua later on accepts De Cheng's bridal price to pay his debts and agrees to marry Jin Yu to him. Jin Yu tries to protest by asking Qi Bing to elope with her, but he ends up bringing her parents and destroying her dream and first love. Amidst disappointment with Qi Bing and the begging of her parents, she agrees to marry De Cheng.

After marriage, Jin Yu tries her best to be a good wife and to give everything for her home, even though her mother-in-law Qiu Lian and her sister-in-law Qiu Ju are mercilessly cruel to her; she accepts it all in hopes of keeping her family together. However, nothing lasts forever. After De Cheng opens a car repair factory, his attitude and demeanor takes a huge change amidst influence from bad friends, starts frolicking with women outside, even going as far as to transmit an STD to Jin Yu when she is pregnant with her first child. Jin Yu starts to become disappointed with the family; however, Qiu Lian tried to use a new house to repair the relationship between husband and wife and to make her keep the child.

Once, Jin Yu takes money from the factory in order to help Jin Hua, and De Cheng takes the chance to chase her away. Jin Yu has no choice but to bring her child back to her maiden home, but this causes a lot of unforgiving complaints from her mother Xiu Zhi and the rest of the family. Qiu Lian cannot bear to part with her grandchild, and forces De Cheng to snatch him back. Without her child, she loses focus of her life and Jin Yu starts to think of committing suicide. However, she is saved by the assistant editor of the local Daily, Pan Li Hua, and shows Jin Yu the life of an independent female, letting her know that she can pursue her dreams. She starts to write for the paper and make use of her talent.

However, because of Qiu Lian's bad care and De Cheng's superstition, Jin Yu's son Jie Ming turns into a retard after a high fever. Jin Yu is forced to return home to take care of her son and fulfill her duties as a mother. In 1991, the fireworks factory near Jin Yu's home explodes, and De Cheng uses this chance to abandon Jie Ming. After learning of her son's fate, she goes crazy trying to find him and decides that she will not suffer in silence or be maltreated anymore. She decides to stand up and fight and swears to never give up on Jie Ming.

Later on, through Li Hua's introduction, Jin Yu meets Hong Kong scriptwriter Xiong, and under his tutelage becomes a scriptwriter. Things start to look up and the family's environment starts to improve, but at this time, De Cheng's pride gets in the way and he tries to prove his worth by playing with stocks, even going as far as to mortgage his factory to invest in shares. Jin Yu is afraid of the risks and secretly sells off the stocks and buys a double storied terrace house with the money. De Cheng is very unhappy and beats up Jin Yu. She runs away from home and goes to Li Hua for support. Xiong has to leave Malaysia because of the economic crisis, before leaving; he professes his love for Jin Yu and hopes to bring Jin Yu and her two children with him back to Hong Kong. In the end however, she rejects him, and brings her family back together amidst the economic crisis.

However, at this time, Jin Yu's brother Jin Feng gets out from Jail, and in order to make amends, she gives him a job in the car factory. However she learns that it was De Cheng who setup Jin Feng and sent him to jail in the first place. She is torn apart by this fact, but in the end decides to hide this matter for the sake of the family, hoping that time will fade the memories. In her free time, Jin Yu joins the Chinese Opera Troupe and meets a middle aged man named Cheng Ru Hai. Because of their common interests and because he is the godson of her benefactor Jin Yu Lan, they get along very well. However, when rumors start flying, she stops going to the troupe and thinks only of taking care of her family.

De Cheng starts an affair with masseur Mo Ding Xiang, and starts to live outside with her. Ding Xiang plots to take over Jin Yu's place in De Cheng's family. Jin Yu's daughter Shan Shan starts to grow up. One time, because Jin Yu objects to her finding a boyfriend, she feigns amnesia in an act of rebellion. Jin Yu learns that she is faking it, but does not rush into exposing her, but instead hints at her, succeeding in improving their relationship, and Shan Shan starts to learn to love her mother. Ding Xiang purposely leaves signs of their affair around, and as the last straw, when De Cheng forces Shan Shan to abort the child she conceives with her boyfriend; she broken-heartedly spills everything about Ding Xiang and De Cheng. Jin Yu decides to divorce De Cheng.

However, at this time, Jin Feng learns that De Cheng was the one behind his jail sentence many years ago, in a bid for revenge; he hurts Jin Yu and Jie Ming, causing poor Jie Ming to become a vegetable. De Cheng is finally arrested, but in a final act of repent, he donates his bone marrow to Jie Ming, and shortly after ends up at the hangman. Many years later, Jin Yu decides to accept Cheng Ru Hai's love, at this time they are already both middle aged adults, therefore their love is deep and lasting. But Cheng Ru Hai finds out at this time that he has lung cancer. Jin Yu starts to believe that it is because of her broken palm fate, but Cheng Ru Hai insists on staying with her, and states that it has nothing to do with her broken palm, touching Jin Yu's heart and making her determined to fight the virus together with him.

At this time, Jin Guang's son is found to have a failing liver and in desperate need of a transplant. Jie Ming's liver is found to be compatible. After a fierce internal struggle, she finally decides to pull his life support and donate his organs to save others. Jin Yu meets her first love Qi Bing and sees him happy with wife and children. At this moment, she feels that if she had married him, she would be just a normal housewife, and would not have become the great woman that she was today.


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Original & Picture Source: Destiny in Her Hands (断掌的女人).
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8

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