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Catch: Jeanette Aw in New Drama Series "Rescue 995(995)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Rescue 995(995).".

Rescue 995(995) - Opening Theme Song.

Jeanette Aw(as Shi Haoran) in "Rescue 995(995)".

New Drama Series: Rescue 995(995).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Jeanette Aw, Tay Ping Hui, Yvonne Lim, Pierre Png, Ng Hui, Ben Yeo, Huang Wenyong, Yuan Shuai, Hong Huifang, Zhu Houren, Ian Fang, Adeline Lim and .......

Story Synopsis:

Some people say that the ambulance paramedic's job is the toughest in having to deal with accident victims or critically ill patients. Paramedics do not draw attention to themselves but carry out their work in quiet efficiency, always at the frontline of life-saving work to re-ignite the light of life for those on the brink of death.
In the course of saving a pregnant woman and a young man suffering from head injuries, Shi Haoran (Jeanette Aw) and Xu Wenqian (Yvonne Lim) realise that it is their first day of work with the ambulance team. Haoran's father Shi Xinguo (Zhu Houren) is a cardiac specialist who wants his daughter to study medicine. Their relationship is strained when she chooses to be a paramedic instead. Caught in the crossfire is Zhong Lingfeng (Hong Huifang), Haoran's mother and a TCM practitioner. Haoran does not desire acknowledgements or accolades from her achievements but rejoices over the lives she saves. Armed with a wealth of knowledge in both Western and traditional Chinese medicine, she inevitably oversteps the boundary of a paramedic.
Wenqian leaves her home in a huff when she is beaten by her grandmother who favours boys over girls. While looking for her, Wenqian's mother is knocked down by a car. In the ambulance, Wenqian witnesses how paramedics spare no effort in saving a life. She grows up determined to be a medical practitioner. Her father remarries after his wife dies. Despite the hostile treatment from her grandmother and younger brother who blame her for the death, she has never ceased feeling protective of them. During a rescue attempt, she meets Haoran's elder brother Shi Zeming (Pierre Png), an emergency room doctor. This seemingly gentle paramedic with an iron will leaves a good impression on Zeming.
As far as Huang Yixun (Tay Ping Hui) is concerned, what he does is just a job and not because it is noble work. Having seen the fragility of life, the thought of being sick and alone spurs him to save lives so as to gain good karma for his kind act. For some strange reasons, the more lives he saves, the more he wins at the lottery. Whenever this happens, Yixun buys a sumptuous meal for his colleagues. Haoran is unable to accept his attitude but gradually learns to appreciate him when she finds out later that Yixun is caring towards the elderly.
Peng Youhua is an experienced paramedic of the motorcycle ambulance team which arrives at accident scenes speedier than ambulances to provide emergency medical aid. Youhua is happily married to Meiying, a paramedic, and both have a son. Youhua, Meiying and Matron Jieyi (Ng Hui) were classmates. Jieyi was secretly in love with Youhua but when the latter chose to marry Meiying, she never married thereafter. While administering first aid on the expressway one day, Meiying is fatally hit by a car. Devastated and bitter, Youhua contemplates leaving the ambulance service.
Although Zeming's relationship with Wenqian is promising, the former is displeased with the latter making excessive sacrifices for her family. What irks him even more is her father's helplessness, grandmother's tyranny and brother's greed. The conflict that ensues distresses Wenqian into considering giving up their blossoming love. Wenqian's father is diagnosed with breast cancer but his embarrassment in seeking medical treatment worsens the condition. Her brother is arrested for injecting his grandmother with mercury to seize her wealth. She slips into a coma as a result. A series of crises leave Wenqian drained.
A complaint is lodged against the forthright Yixun by his patient's family. When Yixun finds out that the mastermind is his paternal uncle who is vying with him for the family fortune, he is disillusioned with human nature. So does Haoran feel discouraged when she sees the ugly side of human behaviour after being verbally abused by the family of an accident victim she fails to save. Love grows as both of them give each other moral support.
Xinguo is upset with Zeming for giving up the opportunity to further his studies abroad because of Wenqian. When Zeming proceeds to perform a risky surgery to prove his competence, and is suspended by the medical council subsequently, relations between father and son deteriorate. Lingfeng collapses from exhaustion and Haoran saves her in the nick of time. While rendering emergency treatment, the truth comes to light that Haoran was involved in an road accident during her voluntary stint abroad. While several of her fellow volunteers perished, she miraculously escaped death but her fingers were badly injured. To spare her parents anguish, she has hidden the truth from them that she will never become a brilliant surgeon. Realising that his demands have caused undue stress on his children, Xinguo decides to stop swaying their decisions as what matters is a happy family.
A chain collision on the expressway results in a number of casualties. Several ambulances rush to the scene. Delighted to see Wenqian overcoming her grief to immerse herself in the rescue work, Haoran joins her in doing their utmost to save the accident victims. Yixun finds his uncle and aunt among those injured. Youhua faces the hit-and-run driver who killed Meiying. Will the two save the people whom they hate?
Ambulance paramedics, too, are humans with feelings and moods. When their patients are in need of treatment, however, they have to rein in their personal feelings because nothing elates them more than succeeding in saving a life!


Remember to catch it tonight at 7pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Rescue 995(995).
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8

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