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Catch: Rui En in New Drama Series "Code Of Honour(正义武馆)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Code Of Honour(正义武馆).".

Code Of Honour(正义武馆) - Opening Theme Song.

Rui En(as Ou Ke Lu) in "Code Of Honour(正义武馆)".

New Drama Series: Code Of Honour(正义武馆).
Total Episode: 30.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 7pm to 8pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Rui En, Elvin Ng, Chris Tong, Paige Chua, Andie Chen, Zheng Ge Ping, Tiffany Leong, Zhang Wen Xiang and .......

Story Synopsis:

The year was 1963, Singapore. Tang Qiu Di, wife to Yuan Zhen Fei, Master of the Yuan martial arts association, suffered severe brain damage from a serious accident and lived in a vegetative state. Her son, Yuan Chen Xi died on the spot.

Reeling from his personal tragedy, Yuan Zhen Fei also needed to face the upheavals of his clan. His first disciple, Duan Tian He, was a savage fighter and was conspiring to usurp the title of Master and the right to own the clan heirloom "Jade Dragon". Living under the cover of the Yuan clan, Duan Tian He was in fact a cruel killer hiding from the police.

Another disciple, Ou Jian Feng, was a selfish and violent troublemaker. He was expelled by Yuan Zhen Fei after creating strife in the clan. Incensed, Ou Jian Feng sent his sister Ou Ke Lu to infiltrate the clan.

Ou Ke Lu was a playful girl who preferred to laze around and enjoy herself. The intelligent girl quickly saw through her brother's intentions, and was reluctant to help him. She instead began to pity the Yuan clan's predicament.

Jian Feng's strong foundation in martial arts, coupled with his charming looks and demeanour, meant that he was not lacking in admirers. That included a young swordswoman, Tang Jia Bao, whom he met while getting chased down by Duan Tian He.

Tang Jia Bao was Duan Tian He's sister -in-law, who has been looking for him to avenge the robbery of her family-owned jewellery shop. Little did she know that the man she loved, Jian Feng, was now involved with Duan Tian He to destroy the Yuan clan. Ou Ke Lu often felt indignant for Tang Jia Bao because of this.

Without an heir to succeed him, Yuan Zhen Fei began to despair that the martial arts association that has been passed down through generations would end in his hands.

Unexpectedly, he discovered that a worker at the fishery by the name of Song Ya Zai, bore a striking resemblance to his late son Chen Xi. He began to suspect that Chen Xi had faked his own death, but Song Ya Zai denied the claims.

A poor young co-worker Long Wan Yi, stayed under the same roof with Ya Zai in the Narcissus Inn. They began a tender relationship, which was opposed by her materialistic and opportunistic aunt Long Xian Bo.

Ou Ke Lu never got over her love for the late Chen Xi. The appearance of Ya Zai confused her, and she began to rediscover her feelings with Ya Zai.

Ou Ke Lu inadvertently discovered the shocking identity of Ya Zai. It turned out that years ago, Tang Qiu Di had a secret affair with her obstetrician, Song Zhi Zhong, and gave birth to twin sons. Suffering from intense guilt, they separated with regrets. Dr Song moved to Penang with one son while Master Yuan's wife remained with her husband and Chen Xi.

Unaware of the truth, Yuan Zhen Fei treated Chen Xi like his own, until the day of the fatal accident. With her last conscious breath, Tang Qiu Di contacted her son, Song Ya Zai, in Thailand, asking him to go back to Singapore and to stand by Zhen Fei's side, if necessary.

Yuan Zhen Fei admired Song Ya Zai and slowly changed his prejudice against him. He hoped to rebuild the name of the Yuan clan with Song Ya Zai as his last disciple.

However, Ya Zai's honest personality and lack of ambition made him reluctant to take up this heavy responsibility. He wished only to lead a peaceful life, with no desire for power or fame. At this point, Ou Ke Lu and Long Wan Yi both supported his decision.

After learning his true identity, Long Xian Bo forced Ya Zai to return and claim his place in the Yuan clan. Master Yuan also refused to let him go, forcing him to take over the task of reclaiming the clan's honour and causing him to feel the heavy burden that came with fame and ambition.

Duan Tian He waited for the opportunity to grasp both the title and the heirloom of the Yuan clan. He started a fight with Yuan Zhen Fei and created tremendous trouble inside the clan, especially by inciting the original owner of the Jade Dragon, Song Yi Ming.

A rogue Japanese organisation bribed Duan Tian He to help claim a valuable piece of mangrove forest. He went as far as to burn the village down in order to chase the residents out. Ya Zai fought and killed Duan Tian He in order to protect the residents' safety.

Soon after the death of Duan Tian He, the annual martial arts championship commenced. Ou Jian Feng partnered Song Yi Ming and challenged the old Yuan Zhen Fei to a final fight. Aware of the injustice the clan had suffered, Tang Jia Bao and Ou Ke Lu stepped forward and created havoc at the championship.

Out of sympathy, Ya Zai fought in the championship under the Yuan banner. Using the original Yuan's martial arts taught by his mother, he defeated the challenger, Ou Jian Feng, preserving the glory of the great Yuan association.


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Original & Picture Source: Code Of Honour(正义武馆).
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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