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Catch: Felicia Chin in New Drama Series "Love Thy Neighbour(四个门牌一个梦). " Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Love Thy Neighbour(四个门牌一个梦)".

Felicia Chin(as Wang Tianhu) in "Love Thy Neighbour(四个门牌一个梦)".

New Drama Series: Love Thy Neighbour(四个门牌一个梦).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Ha Yu, Shaun Chen, Felicia Chin, Huang Wenyong, Lin Meijiao, Cavin Soh, Ng Hui, Vivian Lai, Aileen Tan, Rebecca Lim, Brandon Wong, Sora Ma, Douglas Kung and ........

Story Synopsis:

Ye Meng left East Malaysia to take up a job as a mechanic in Singapore. He was supposed to spend a few days sightseeing with his girlfriend before starting work. Shortly after they checked into a hotel, Bai Yufang disappeared mysteriously. While searching frantically for her, Meng encountered Wang Dafa and Wang Tianhu, a father-and-daughter pair of con artists.

Dafa conned his victims under the guise of a fortune-teller with a "magical" bird. Growing up under her father's negative influence, Tianhu became just as bad, if not worse. Meng was rendered penniless by the conniving duo, and ended up having to move in with them.

Tianhu's neighbors are Dai Guozhong and his wife Huang Ling Bo. Guozhong was a sports coach until he was replaced by a Chinese National and forced into early retirement. He was a vocal critic of the Government's foreign talent policy.

Michael was a Caucasian emigrant who spoke fluent Mandarin, the kind that the Government courted. His love for the country saw him actively involved in grassroots activities and he even joined the Voluntary Special Constabulary. Unable to comprehend Guozhong's anti-government stance, both of them frequently crossed swords with each other. The friction intensified after Guozhong's daughter Dai Peijun returned to Singapore.

Peijun is the archetype modern woman - progressive and outspoken. After her room was occupied by her elder brother and his wife while she was away, she rented a room from Crazy Knife who lived in the same block, hence becoming Michael's co-tenant. The two of them thought alike, and were baffled by Singaporeans' dissatisfaction with the country when they should be appreciative of their lot. They often clashed with the "opposition party", Guozhong. When the two fell in love with each other, Guozhong opposed to their relationship.

A PRC family moved in next door to Guozhong. After Xian He settled down in the flat with his wife and 10-year-old daughter, he soon realized that Singapore was a far cry from what he had imagined.

Xian He's income as a cameraman was only enough to cover living costs and his daughter's education. As such, he was frugal. Differences in habits erupted into tiffs between his family and their neighbours. Shan Shan, Xian He's wife, found it difficult to cope with the demands of daily living and the cultural differences. She blamed him for making the wrong decision to move to Singapore. For the sake of Xian Le's education, he refused to heed his wife's insistence on returning to China. The issue plagued their marital relationship.

Guozhong's hostility towards the Xians kept him occupied. Adding to his frustration was the fact that his son, Deliang, and daughter-in-law, Angelina, had decided to squeeze into his 4-room flat after selling their condominium unit for a good price.

A manager in an MNC company, Angelina spoke fluent English but was handicapped in Mandarin. As a Chinese-language teacher, Deliang constantly reminded her of the government's increasing emphasis on the importance of the Chinese language but his advice fell on deaf ears. Dingxin, their 9-year-old son, was neither proficient in Chinese nor English.

Angelina claimed that by moving into the flat with her family plus a maid, her in-laws would not feel lonely. In truth, she was taking advantage of them to save on living expenses. Deliang felt uneasy about the situation but the hen-pecked husband bowed to his wife's arrangements. Angelina's motive did not escape her sharp mother-in-law's eyes. Nevertheless, she eschewed the image of the quintessential nasty mother-in-law portrayed on TV. She was cordial towards Angelina on the surface but pitted against her in secret. Deliang was caught between the two women. On top of this, he faced the stress of a heavy workload as well as managing his wife and son. Being a Chinese teacher, he put tremendous pressure on his son to score well in Chinese. Unable to cope with the deluge of demands on him, Deliang developed kleptomania. The irresistible urge to steal made him live in fear of being exposed.

Meng finally located his girlfriend only to find out that she had hooked up with someone else. Just as Meng and Tianhu developed feelings for each other, their love was put to the test when Yufang appeared out of the blue to reconcile with Ye Meng.

Will the motley of nationalities from diverse backgrounds residing on the same storey live in harmony eventually?

Stay tuned.

Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Love Thy Neighbour(四个门牌一个梦).

Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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