Monday, August 1, 2011

July Result for "Princess Of The Month" is OUT here NOW!!!!

July Winner: Jesseca Liu(刘芷绚).

To all 7 Princess fans here, Here is the results for "Princess Of The Month" that you all have vote it here for the whole "Month Of July":

Winner: Jesseca Liu(刘芷绚) with 280 votes.
2nd: Joanne Peh(白薇秀) with 220 votes.
3th: Fiona Xie(谢宛谕) with 85 votes.
4th: Rui En(瑞恩) with 70 votes.
5th: Jeanette Aw(歐萱) with 30 votes.
5th: Dawn Yeoh(姚懿珊) with 20 votes.

7th: Felicia Chin(陈靓瑄) with 5 votes.

We will put her photo at the sidebar there for the next few days.... and from now, i shall limit the polls to one vote per person, which i think is more fair to the other fans and to the 7 Princesses, otherwise u guys and gals might end up spamming the polls again.

Remember to comeback and vote it again for the "Princess Of The Month" for the whole "Month Of August"!!!!

(Note: Seen that we are still carry on here so i think that we will bring back Fiona Xie here now althould she is already leave Mediacorp here now ok!!!!)

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