Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jesseca Liu signs with HIM International.

Ex-MediaCorp artiste Jesseca Liu is back in showbiz after a short break

Fans of Langkawi-born beauty Jesseca Liu can rejoice now.

The former MediaCorp artiste who left the company after her contract ended in May, will be back on local television by year end.

Jesseca has signed with HIM International and is currently working on two projects, one of which is telemovie You’re the one we love which she co-stars with child star Xiao Xiao Bin.

In an exclusive interview with xinmsn, she explained that her surprise contract with HIM only happened when she was introduced to the company through a friend, after her departure from MediaCorp.

Jesseca decided to sign with HIM because they are able to give her the freedom and space to pursue her own business.

She is however keeping mum on details of the length of the contract and if she has plans to break into the Asian market. For now, she will still focus on Singapore.

On her new telemovie with Xiao Xiao Bin, she told xinmsn that her friend, who was a big fan of the little star, had a dream that Jesseca would acting with him. As fate would have it, Jesseca received a call with offer of the role the next day.

Is she worried about dealing with kids?

The 31-year-old said that she is not worried as Xiao Xiao Bin is old enough to express himself.

She will also be working alongside Taiwanese actor James Wen for the first time. When asked if she would date a Taiwanese, the currently single Jesseca dismissed the topic and expressed that she hadn’t thought about it.

Jesseca previously dated her co-star in Untold Beauty, Fan Zhi Wei, back in 2009.

You’re the one we love is set to air on Channel U on Dec 26.

Watch the Video here!!!!

Source: XINMSN

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