Monday, April 26, 2010

Star Awards Show 2 results part 4: No Best Actress win for Ann Kok and Jeanette Aw

Crowd-favourite Jeanette Aw who lost the Best Actress Award two-times in a row was all cool with her loss.

"I'm really ok with it. From the start, I have always thought that Chen Liping and Hong Huifang would have a higher chance of winning. They are all veteran actresses and their roles were really fun."

Although she confessed to "habouring some hopes" on gaining a Best Actress nod at the Star Awards ceremony, Jeanette didn't feel "overly disappointed" and instead, expressed a desire to challenge herself with different roles and will "work even harder at it."

"I hope to receive even better projects next time round, and surprise everyone with my new projects. I hope to also gain some breakthrough in my roles in future," she said.


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