Monday, April 19, 2010

Star Awards Show 1 results Part 1: Darlings of The Media

It was no surprise -- for us, at least -- when both Joanne Peh and Dai Yangtian bagged the Media Darling win last night. After all, one's a mass communication savvy grad who knows all the right words to say, and the other's a straightforward no-holds-barred chap who just can't seem to ruffle the media's feathers despite making headlines for all the wrong reasons.
Previous Lux girl now-turned Thank You JetStar ambassador, Joanne, did not strike things off on a good note with the media during her early days as an artiste and was lambasted for her straightforward mannerisms.

The 26-year-old admitted to being "too straightforward back then," in an exclusive interview with xinmsn.

"Maybe I was too young and expressed my thoughts freely. I did not think before speaking and things didn't turn out the way I expected them to. However I am still very grateful for this experience because it has taught me a lot."

Joanne attributed her PR-savvy sense to her NTU Mass Communications background and explained that it "has allowed me to better understand the media's demanding work nature."

"I understand how tough it is when everyone needs to deliver their work. In that sense, I am more willing to cooperate with them [media] and that might be why I won this award," she added.

On the other hand, explaining his belief that "everyone has a role to play and a job to fulfill," co-winner, Yangtian, shared that he usually follows his own "instincts" and is "honest" when it comes to dealing with the media.

With "no regrets" whatsoever on his previous deeds and words, the opinionated one was firm and straight-to-the-point in his answers to the media.

Although it may come across as aloof and overbearing, this Shanghainese lad's honesty and straitlaced ways was strangely, refreshingly delightful.

Sticking to his guns, the media darling said, "I'm the same with everybody. You help me with my work, and I'll help you with yours. You help me complete my work, and similarly, I'll help complete yours."

Need we explain any further?

As we previously said before in our predictions' article, "No one can stop the DYT express."


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