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Catch: Jeanette Aw & Jesseca Liu in New Drama Series "New Beginnings(红白囍事)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "New Beginnings(红白囍事)".

New Beginnings(红白囍事) - Opening Theme Song.

Jeanette Aw(as Cai Shiya) & Jesseca Liu(as Tang Wenxi) in "New Beginnings(红白囍事)".

New Drama Series: New Beginnings(红白囍事).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Jeanette Aw, Tay Ping Hui, Jesseca Liu, Elvin Ng, Zhang Zhenhuan, Joshua Ang, Liu Qianyi, Lin Meijiao, Hong Huifang, Ng Hui, May Phua, Chen Tianwen, Jade Seah, Chen Guohua, Priscelia Chan, Yuan Shuai, Nick Shen.

Story Synopsis:

A wedding may not always end happily, just like a funeral may not always close in grief. Through a series of weddings and funerals, New Beginnings explores the good and evil of human nature, and wishes for viewers to experience their own discoveries…

Li Zihao's mother, Yan Ruyi, is a matchmaker. Since he was young boy, Zihao has tagged along with his mother when she tended to the weddings of couples she had brought together.

Zihao is now the owner of a shop which sells all sorts of wedding items. He gets to know a bridal gown designer, Tang Wenxi. Wenxi had attended the wedding of Zihao's cousin which Zihao helped to plan and organize. They decide to pool their money together to set up a bridal gown shop with another partner. Unfortunately, the partner absconds with all the money meant for the set-up of the shop. The silver lining in the cloud comes in the form of Zihao's younger brother, Ziyang, who is a professional photographer. Zihao, Wenxi, and Ziyang each pour their skills into their new venture to set up a one-stop wedding shop.

Zihao gets to know Cai Shiya at a fengshui seminar. He is intrigued by the mystery surrounding her occupation. Unbeknownst to him, Shiya runs a funeral parlour which she inherited from her father, Cai Fulin. Fulin and Shiya are kind souls who help relatives in financial trouble. Shiya works hard to improve the public's perception of her line of work as people often avoid and ostracise her when they find out that she is in the business of serving the dead. Her own love life is also affected.

When Zihao finds out that Shiya runs a funeral parlour, they split ways as their relationship would not be appropriate for his business. Later, Zihao organizes a wedding and finds out the groom-to-be is Shiya's ex-boyfriend. His bride-to-be is unhappy when she finds out about her fiance's past with Shiya and threatens not to proceed with the wedding. Fortunately, Shiya manages to convince her to go ahead with it.

Zihao's father, Li Jiabao, owns a bakery specializing in traditional Chinese wedding pastries. One of his elderly staff is a widower with a daughter. Ruyi matchmakes him with a lady but on the wedding day, the elderly staff's daughter raises a ruckus at the wedding and completely ruins the event. Angered by his daughter's actions, the elderly staff suffers a heart attack and passes away, turning a wedding into a funeral. Zihao is saddened by the turn of events but Shiya helps him to bring closure to the matter. They both reflect on how weddings and funerals have opened their eyes to the beauty and ugliness of people they have encountered.

The funeral parlour is short-handed and starts to recruit new staff. Ye Jiajun turns up for an interview. Shiya offers him a job but does not think that he will last long as he was previously an assistant engineer. One of the veteran undertakers, Uncle De makes a bet with the other staff that Jiajun will not work past the first corpse he encounters. Uncle De deliberately takes Jiajun out to pick up a corpse and tries to scare him. However, Jiajun is unfazed and continues to turn up at the funeral parlour to work. Shiya's curiosity is aroused when Jiajun insists on working at the funeral parlour even when his girlfriend, Ellen kicks up a huge fuss and demands that he quits.

Fulin's favourite child is his younger daughter, Shihui, who recently graduated from university. However, she is disdainful of the family business and has no intention of being a part of it. On one of her modeling assignments, she gets to know Ziyang and the two hit it off. She finds an excuse and breaks up with James, her boyfriend from university. Zihao starts to fall for Wenxi but she only has eyes for Ziyang. Although Zihao does not know the details of Ziyang's relationship with Shihui, he knows that they are more than casual friends and is worried that Wenxi will be hurt.

Shiya's dedication to look after the dead and ensure they have a dignified funeral spurs Jiajun to work even harder at his job. Unfortunately, Jiajun accidentally sets fire to the alter of a deceased whose funeral he is handling. As a result, the funeral parlour's business suffers when the deceased's family accuses Uncle De of setting fire to the altar so that he can pilfer the money offerings made by relatives and friends of the deceased. The truth is later revealed and Shiya finds out that Jiajun was motivated by revenge to work at the funeral parlour. His father was a compulsive gambler and he was Fulin's partner in the funeral parlour. After incurring huge losses at the gambling table, he tried to borrow money from Fulin to pay off his debtors. Fulin refused as he did not want to encourage Jiajun's father in his gambling habits. Driven to desperation, Jiajun's father commits suicide. His mother, Xiuyun forced Jiajun to plot and exact revenge on the Cais. Although Jiajun has succeeded in bringing down the business of the funeral parlour, he is unhappy as he has fallen in love with Shiya.

Wenxi is devastated when she discovers that Ziyang and Shihui are in a relationship. When Zihao reminds Ziyang to treasure Wenxi's love for him, Ziyang makes it clear that he is in love with Shihui and that the person who is in love with Wenxi is actually Zihao himself. Wenxi overhears their conversation and is shocked by the revelation.

Although Jiajun's cover and motives have been exposed, Fulin makes a generous gesture by apologizing to Jiajun for the tragic death of his father. Uncle De tells Jiajun that Fulin did nothing wrong against his father but it was his father's own compulsive gambling habit which led to his untimely death. Shiya's mentally-challenged brother Shicai misunderstands that Jiajun has upset his sister and beats Jiajun up. Xiuyun refuses to forgive Fulin and insists that Fulin was the one who drove her husband to commit suicide. She sets fire to the premises and gets trapped in there with Fulin. Jiajun dashes into the fire to save Fulin whilst Shiya risks her life to search for Xiuyun in the fire before carrying her out to safety. Unfortunately, Xiuyun has inhaled too much smoke. With her final breath, she finally let go of her bitterness and forgives Fulin. Jiajun and Shiya are reconciled after their near-death experience.

Shihui's goal in life is to marry a rich man. She dumps Ziyang when a rich businessman takes a shine to her. A heartbroken Ziyang decides to leave the country and become a war photojournalist covering some of the most volatile regions in the world. Shihui not only fails in getting the rich businessman to marry her but ends up being dumped by him after he has taken advantage of her. Her family rallies around to comfort her. From this devastating experience, Shihui finally realizes that family ties are the most important and she begs Fulin for forgiveness for how she has been treating her family.

Love blossoms between Zihao and Wenxi as they work together on creating memorable wedding days for their clients. They decide to hold their wedding on the same day as Jiajun and Shiya. The “red” and the “white” finally come together in a joyous occasion!

Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: New Beginnings Webside.
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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