Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Star Awards for Dawn Yeoh this year

You know you matter when your absence is recognized and questioned. For Dawn Yeoh, her disappearance from this year's Star Awards Top 40 Most Popular Artistes caused many a head-scratching.

The 23-year-old local starlet has been a regular fixture in the Top 40 in previous years, but not this time, when the nomination list was announced yesterday.

The reason? It's nothing to do with her dramas of late (she was last seen in Daddy At Home), but because the sweetie-pie actress is not longer with MediaCorp since December last year.

In an interview, her Japanese manager, Toba-San, said that Dawn's three-year contract had ended last Christmas and that she did not renew it.

He pointed out that the expired contract was the main reason why Dawn failed to qualify for any of the categories at the Star Awards.

"Dawn knows that she wouldn't qualify and understands it."

Previously, the rumour mill was abuzz with talk that Dawn was unhappy with her manager and wished to put an end to the partnership. But Toba-San clarified that things between the both of them are now smooth and going well.

With "another five years to go", he reckons that it might have been his sincerity that "won Dawn over" and concluded the short fiasco.

Currently Dawn has "completely stopped all activities" after doing promotional activities for Daddy At Home and is on a long sabbatical.

She is "recharging her battery", taking a break from everything, and "placing her priority on parents, friends, and personal stuff," said Toba-San.

"Maybe because for the past 3 to 4 years, she has been taking part in a lot of dramas and feels very stressed."

It is no secret that Dawn has always expressed desire of cutting her own music album. With plans installed for her to release an album in future, our next meeting with Dawn might very well take place over the airwaves.

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The Star Awards 2010 will be telecast live on two Sundays, Apr 18 for the professional categories, and Apr 25 for the programme and performance categories. Both shows will air at 7pm on Ch 8.

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