Friday, September 4, 2009

Breaking News: Fiona Xie leaves the Hill

Caldecott Princess Fiona Xie has reportedly relinquished her crown and left the Hill.

According to a Singapore Chinese daily, Fiona Xie, 27, has officially resigned from MediaCorp.

This comes as no surprise as resignation rumours had been circulating since the first half of the year. And the actress' last minute withdrawal from upcoming Channel 8 blockbuster “Together” - she had "urgent personal matters" to attend to - only fuelled speculation further.

While Xie did not emerge to make any clarifications about her shocking withdrawal, she continued working, jet-setting to Tokyo and Los Angeles to host a food programme.

Filming has since completed and Xie has gone MIA (missing in action) once again.

Celebrity hairstylist David Gan who learnt about Xie’s resignation two weeks ago, has confirmed the news. He said many artistes choose to leave because the opportunities for growth and development here are limited, making it harder for them to establish freedom of creativity.

“I was very sad when she broke the news to me, after all it is difficult for an artiste to make her mark here. Though I can’t bear for her to go, I want her to be happy and wish her the best,” said Gan.

Source: Channel News Asia

(Stay tuned for a similar report from The New Paper to be posted on a later date)

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