Thursday, August 20, 2009

Felicia Chin: No Plastic Surgery Done On Me

Felicia Chin responds to the plastic surgery reports, “I did not have plastic surgery done on the upper half of my body.”

A remark made by local MediaCorp artiste Dasmond Koh, was recently taken out of context and blown out of proportions by the local media. In response to the accusations made against her, local MediaCorp actress Felicia Chin expressed thanks to her supportive fans under a blog entry titled 'Thankful'. She shared her helpless feelings on this matter and reassured fans that she "will not be defeated and will stand stronger."

In an interview, Felicia was forthright in her replies and felt that the plastic surgery issue has been harped on one too many times. "Everyone has an answer in their hearts. If you believe me, thank you. If you don't believe me, then I am unable to control that either. I don't have to prove anything to anybody, as long as you believe in me, it's enough."

The actress expressed knowledge and confirmed that she knew of Dasmond's joking replies in his interview. However, she felt that it was outrageous for the reporter to take his words out of context. "Initially when I read the report, I felt a little emotional. Shortly after, Dasmond responded to the report and clarified that he was joking and that the surgery jobs were not real. After which, I feel that there wasn't anything for me to be afraid of or hide from because what he said is not true."

"I felt really helpless and upset because the report was not written from what was said. I have lost confidence in such reports. I find it even harder to judge between what is real and fake now," she confided.

Felicia understands that it is inevitable for artistes to be plagued with such gossip, however she said, "It is hurtful to be criticized and to remain under the constant scrutiny and attention of others. At the end, we are still the ones who have to face these people." Despite the hurt inflicted on her from this matter, the easy-going actress bears no grudges against Dasmond. "Since it has already happened, we should let it go. I will not be bitter over this, I will look forward."

Her optimism and love for acting still clearly shows despite being jaded from this entire hullabaloo. The sense of satisfaction derived from acting and her fans' endearing love plus support are her two main sources of motivation.

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