Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dai Yang Tian's rumored squeeze is... Felicia???

Apart from his rumoured May-December relationship with Ann Kok, Ch U Celebritea Break's hosts, Quan Yi Feng and Guo Liang revealed another piece of shocking news in a recent episode. It turned out that the Shanghainese actor was seen hanging out with one of MediaCorp's seven princesses, Felicia Chin, and the pair were spotted going out on movie and dinner dates together.

On the programme, he revealed that amongst the seven princesses, he shares the closest relationship with Felicia, describing her as an extremely kindhearted girl who tears easily at the movies. Yang Tian confirmed the news in a phone interview, "Me and Felicia are good friends. In the past when we were both free, we would often go out for meals together. I would often sit in her car and maybe that was how the rumours began spreading."

Although the pair hasn't collaborated on any projects together, they share the same manager and a similar passion for food - which brought about their meal dates. However Yang Tian was quick to clarify that they often hung out in a group, contrary to popular belief. As for their rumoured movie date, he said, "I was the one who asked her."

With jam-packed work schedules, the pair do not hang out as often and rely on text messages and phone calls to remain in contact. A supportive Yang Tian also sent Felicia an encouraging text message to cheer her on in light of her plastic surgery scandal.

Yang Tian shares an amiable relationship with two of his rumoured beaus. When he was asked to pick between Ann and Felicia, he strongly protested, "No way! I really believe in fate. If someone else and I have fate, we will eventually get together."

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