Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Results for "Most Popular Princesses" is OUT Now!!!!

June Winner: Rui En(瑞恩).

"Which 7 Princesses is the "Most Popular Princess" at the moment?" is Rui En(瑞恩).

Here are the vote percentage and results:

WINNER: Rui En(瑞恩) 47% (115 votes)
2nd: Felicia Chin(陈靓瑄) 46% (111 votes)
3th: Fiona Xie(谢宛谕) 7% (17 votes)
Total Votes: 243.

You can also check the results at our "Polls Archived" section.

We would like to thank everyone for your participation, by voting on the poll and showing your support on our blog here... without you, this wouldn't be a success.

We will have the same contest on Tuesday (July 07 2009)... do come back and vote again for this month July!!!!

So now we will put up Rui En(瑞恩) photo at the sidebar same as the "Princesses Of The Month" for the next few weeks till the next contest comes....

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