Monday, June 29, 2009

Dedicatory post to the King of Pop

Today I am going to do something slightly different from the norm... other than feature articles on any of the 7 Princesses, I am also going to talk a bit about the recently deceased popstar Michael Jackson, who graces the cover of this week's i-weekly as well as 8 days.

First things first, there is a series of behind-the-scenes photos on the upcoming drama "Together" which stars Jeanette Aw, Fiona Xie, Dai Yang Tian, Elvin Ng, Zhang Zhenhuan and Kola Zhou.

As you all may have known by now, the King of Pop known for his Number One hits such as "Billie Jean", "Smooth Criminal" and "Black Or White" died of cardiac arrest last Friday morning. Though not directly linked to MediaCorp productions, he is nevertheless considered a legend, a musical genius and a personal favorite of MediaCorp celebrities like Tay Ping Hui, Jade Seah, Zhang Yaodong and one of the Seven Princesses Rui En, who attended his concert at the National Stadium back in 1993. We will all miss Michael Jackson dearly.

Below is video footage on "The Princesses and The Dude" episode 3, where Rui En tells Bryan Wong about the Michael Jackson t-shirt she owns as well as the time when she and her friends went for his concert in 1993. The reference on MJ can be seen between 4:38 to 5:04 :-)

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