Monday, July 20, 2009

Fiona QUITS! featured in 8 days issue no 979

A mere day before filming is due to start, Fiona Xie pulls out of Channel 8’s year-end blockbuster, sending shockwaves along corridors at Caldecott Hill. Is this the beginning of the end of Fiona’s TV career?

To read the full article, get your copy of this week’s 8 days for only 2 dollars. Cover girl is foreign actress Emma Watson from the Harry Potter film series.

Wouldn’t Fiona have looked in a ‘60s go-go get-up? While we’re left to ponder the “What It Might’ve Been”, the Together cast are left to rue the controversial star’s absence.

Jeanette Aw: “I just found out, and I’m shocked. I didn’t hear her say anything about it at all. I was really looking forward to acting with her again after The Champions in 2004.”

Dai Yang Tian: “I know she had a few issues about portraying the character. It’s a real waste- it could’ve been a good opportunity for people to see that she’s got more than just a good figure.”

Elvin Ng: “I only remember her not being very sure about the role cos it’s not a very likeable one. But I’m sure Fiona has her reasons.”

Zhang Zhenhuan: “I knew something was wrong when I didn’t see her in the make-up unit this morning. We had a lot of scenes together, and I was really looking forward to acting with her.”

Kola Zhou: “When I read the script, I thought it was very suitable for her. I just can’t imagine anyone else playing the role.”

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