Saturday, July 18, 2009

Eelyn for Princess? (TNT's honest thoughts)

The more I think about the news on Eelyn Kok replacing Fiona Xie for the year-end blockbuster drama "Together", the more I feel that Eelyn should have been considered as one of the Princesses a long time ago. I feel she is equally as impressive and talented as most of the other Seven Princesses, if not better than some of them. Moreover, she made her showbiz debut at the same time as Jeanette Aw (both of them appeared in the Channel U reality show titled "Route To Glamor" back in 2001). Moreover, Eelyn has been nominated twice for Best Supporting Actress leh, that goes to show that her hard work all these years is certainly not put to waste. The only difference between Eelyn and the other Princesses is, this smart and pretty babe has yet to get a single endorsement deal, as far as I can remember... moreover, she may come across as being a bit too old to play the love interest of the relatively new Dai Yang Tian and Zhang Zhenhuan.

I know that each and every one of you readers out there is entitled to your own opinion and may/may not agree with me on this, I respect that. You are all free to leave your thoughts in the comment box provided... but seriously no flamming comments please, thanks. ;-)

Other actresses with potential as Princesses...

- Ong Ai Leng, 30 years old. Hailed from Malaysia, close friend of Jesseca Liu. Often touted as a Fann Wong lookalike. Last seen in "By My Side" last year, was probably best known for her role as a policewoman in the Channel 5 drama "Lifeline". Although she did snare a hair tonic endorsement deal with international star Jackie Chan, she doesn't have the same type of luck in terms of popularity.

- Paige Chua, 28 years old. Made her TV debut as Fiona's older sister in "Just In Singapore". Young with remarkable acting skills, it is a pity that Paige's appearance is too icy for the role. To get her to into a role teasing men with her charm seems somewhat strained and far-fetched.
- Rebecca Lim, 23 years old. Was a Top 5 finalist of Miss Singapore 2005, won Miss Photogenic award. Dabbles mostly in Channel 5 dramas. Played Joanne Peh's younger sister (with that 'explosive' hairstyle) in "The Truth" last year. Last seen playing a vivacious prostitute in the Channel 5 drama "Fighting Spiders". Unfortunately, she is considered by some to be too plain, and her acting has much room for improvement.

- Koh Yah Hwee, 22 years old. Was one of 6 Grand Finalists for the 2007 Star Search batch, which include Andie Chen and Jerry Yeo. Her debut role was as the younger sister of Constance Song, Ivy Lee and Felicia Chin in last year's mega-drama "Love Blossoms". But her acting seriously needs some polishing. To handle the intense emotions and passion of a seductress role might be a stretch for her.
- Ezann Lee, 27 years old. Petite and adorable, young and lively Ezann may be a natural actress, but she lacks the figure of her sister, Ericia Lee, for the role of a seductress. In addition, being just a part-time MediaCorp actress may lower the possibility of being chosen. Last seen playing a sweet girl named Annie in "Fighting Spiders".


Anonymous said...

i think fiona has her own personal reasons and we should respect her. she's a human and normal like us, it's her decision.
please do not say that fiona should be one of the 7 princesses. she derserve it. although some might hate her, there are fan still there supporting her. do you like others to talk about your idols? i believe she have her own reasons and we have just to respect her. god bless.

TaNaT DaMaN said...

I dont quite get the "please do not say that Fiona should be one of the 7 Princesses"... did you actually mean "shouldnt"? I never said that she shouldnt be one...

I somehow got this feeling that... maybe she gotta settle some dispute in HK, or one of her loved ones who is in HK got seriously injured. Think abt it... HK actress Gigi Lai prematurely retired from showbiz in the middle of last year to look after her younger brother who got critically injured in a car accident, AT LEAST Gigi has a valid reason. But for Fiona to go MIA all of a sudden without a word, that's just plain irresponsible.