Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Japan appoints Dawn as JCC Goodwill Ambassdor!

Yesterday was definitely the BIG DAY for Dawn!! :-D
As you have probably known, Dawn is appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Japan Creative Centre in Singapore. Great thanks to His Excellency, Mr. Makoto Yamanaka, Ambassador of Japan to Singapore.
The Appointment Ceremony was held last night in His Excellency’s private house.
I was in awe of the magnificence of the place, and not to mention its size. And so was Dawn.
When she was ushered into a guest room for preparation, she commented, “Wow, the balcony only was much bigger than the two washrooms plus the kitchen add together in my home!”
Unfortunately she did not have much time to enjoy the comfort of the room. Soon she went down for the ceremony. After a short but wonderful speech by His Excellency, Dawn received the CERTIFICATE.Then the moment came for her to give a speech.
Although she kept on telling me that she was very nervous before the ceremony, she looked really calm and confident. I was really amazed by her speech though. Given that she did not have much time to prepare (as we all know, how busy actress can be), she delivered a beautifully written speech in an equally beautiful way! (You can find the speech in the earlier post, as a special gift. ^_^)
Congratulations, Dawn! For being the Goodwill Ambassador as well as for the speech!
Then after a short presentation on JCC, everyone proceeded to enjoy the exclusive buffet in the His Excellency's house. But, not Dawn.
She answered a lot of questions and also had several interviews with the media. Poor Dawn, she only had time for a few desserts. But she was still very active and very energetic with her sweet smile the whole night. I think it shows how professional she is and also the fact that she really respects every opportunity.
Lastly when all the media have left, Dawn stayed to mingle with the people from the Embassy. I can see from their expression that they really liked Dawn, a lot a lot.
Then we left His Excellency’s house and went for a little celebration, to Nirai Kanai@ Tangling Shopping Centre, a Japanese restaurant. It is the starting place for Dawn’s career. It holds a lot of memories for her. We toasted to Dawn’s success. And here is a picture of Dawn and me with the certificate. (By the way, the food there is simply great!)
We went home at about 12 midnight. Tired but excited.
Dawn was very grateful that she was given such a great opportunity but I think though fortune has its part to play, but Dawn’s hard work and dedication have definitely paved the way.


The following is Dawn's speech for the Appointment Ceremony

"Good evening His Excellency, Mr. Makoto Yamanaka, Ambassador of Japan to Singapore
And Mr. Hiroshi Kawamura, Director for Japan Creative Centre and Minister Counsellor for Embassy of Japan, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I wish to extend my greatest gratitude towards Yamanaka san and Kawamura san for giving me this opportunity, to have the honor to serve as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Japan Creative Centre in Singapore.

I gained my interest in fashion and entertainment at the early age of 14. Japan, as it is now, was already well known for its creativity in design and technology, as well as for its unique touch in fashion and styling. The more exposure I had, the more fascinated I was. But not much to my realization that there were so much more surprise and so much more fascination about this country, until I formally stepped into the world of Entertainment and Fashion six years ago.

I was, and I am still, constantly overwhelmed by the endless creativity, the boundless imagination and amazing blend of the contemporary and the conventional/traditional in the Japanese culture. Japan, to me, is a country of aspiration, a country of marvels.

I have to say that I am very much enchanted and I aspire to become someone who has part of these marvels within herself. I am really happy that people actually recognize me as representing Japanese style in Singapore and I long to share my fondness, my aspiration among my fellow Singaporeans.

Now the opening of Japan Creative Centre is at hand, aiming to introduce both Japanese innovation and tradition. I am certain that it will stir up a sense of interest in the hearts of local people to learn about Japanese culture, Japan’s past and present. I believe JCC, like a refreshing wind, will gently breathe in inspiration and creativity into the local community. I feel very privileged to be part of this exciting journey to see more and more people being exposed to Japanese fashion, architecture, tradition, food, design, and so much more.

Moreover, their exposure will definitely result in some sort of transformation of mind and lifestyle, be it small or huge. I believe that more creativity and fresh ideas will stem out from this transformation, and we can see the impact in a brighter future.

I am determined to do my best to share my aspiration with more and more people. I want to say thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to fulfill my determination.

I am ready to pass my passion to everyone in Singapore and even in Malaysia, Indonesia and into the whole of South East Asia. And I am ready to witness this passion to bring great benefits for my home country Singapore and Japan in the future."


As a result of the Japan-Singapore summit meetings held in 2007, an agreement was reached to set up the Japan Creative Centre in Singapore as a base for disseminating information on Japan and its culture. The Centre is the first of its kind outside Japan as a new type of culture and information centre that showcases Japan's “now“Innovation and tradition” is the main theme of the Centre. The Centre will showcase Japan's “soft power,” such as pop-culture and traditional arts, besides creating a space for experiencing the charms of Japan.

The Centre's highlights of “Cool Japan” will include high technology, design, gourmet, fashion, traditional craft, traditional art, music and movie, anime and manga.
The Centre will be located at the start of Orchard Road (at 4 Nassim Road). As to the Centre's estimated date of opening, we are aiming at an official opening in November 2009.
For more information, please visit our website at (http://www.sg.emb-japan.go.jp/JCC/).

directly copied over from ( http://www.dawnyeoh.com )

There is also an article on Dawn's appointment in this week's edition of 8 days. :-)

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