Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeanette on cover of super-sized 8 days

Kueh-Sera-Sera, whatever will be, will be for almost-best actress Jeanette Aw.

Jeanette Aw has moved on from The Little Nyonya shebang- last Saturday, she strred in The Peranakan Ball, her first musical ever. And for the record, she's "actually happy" for co-star Joanne Peh who beat her to the Best Actress trophy, all right?

Also featured in the issue is a report on Michelle Chia's and Shaun Chen's wedding at the Ritz-Carlton on May 9th. Joanne, Felicia and Dawn were present at the wedding.

This week's issue is double the size, but the price remains at 2 dollars. Inside contains details for the Big Idea extravaganza.

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