Monday, April 6, 2009

Leading in Top 20 Most Popular list for first week

Based on the report featured on page 23 of i-weekly issue no. 597 (cover boy is Edison Chen... yes, that Edison Chen), this is the list of male and female artistes who are leading in the respective Top 10 lists for the time being (from March 28th to April 4th)...

Top 10 Female Artistes (March 29th to April 4th)
Dawn Yeoh
Felicia Chin
Ivy Lee
Jeanette Aw
Joanne Peh
Michelle Chia
Quan Yifeng
Rui En
Vivian Lai
Yvonne Lim

Top 10 Male Artistes (March 29th to April 4th)
Bryan Wong
Christopher Lee
Elvin Ng
Huang Wenyong
Mark Lee
Pierre Png
Qi Yuwu
Richard Low
Tay Ping Hui
Zhang Yaodong

Surprise No 1: Chen Hanwei not in Top 10 in spite of being a strong contender for Best Actor
Surprise No 2: Veteran actors Richard Low and Huang Wenyong reign supreme among many younger stars in Top 10.
Surprise No 3: the not-so-committed-to-work Fiona Xie and recently jilted Jesseca Liu not in list.

Do purchase next week's issue of i-weekly to find out whether your favorite artiste remains in the lead positions... ;-)

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