Monday, March 9, 2009

i-weekly event this weekend

There will be 2 i-weekly roadshows at Bugis Junction this coming Saturday. (nearest MRT station is Bugis). For full details, buy the latest copy of i-weekly and turn to pages 9 to 12.

14th March, Saturday

3.00 pm- Joanne Peh, Nat Ho and Michelle Chia
3.30 pm- Campus Superstar roadshow
4.00 pm- Yes 933 DJ search finals
5.00 pm- Table of Glory and Variety Go Live promo
5.30 pm- Cast of Red Thread and Fighting Spiders
6 pm- OKTO celebs

15th March, Sunday

2 to 4 pm- Fiona Xie, Dai Yang Tian, Alan Tern, Priscelia Chan, Belinda Lee, Patricia Mok, Ben Yeo
5 pm- Da Mouth (Da Zui Ba) album autograph session!

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