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Catch: Jeanette Aw in New Drama Series "Spice Up(幸福料理)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Spice Up(幸福料理)".

Spice Up(幸福料理) - Opening Theme Song.

Jeanette Aw(as Yu Nan) in "Spice Up(幸福料理)".

New Drama Series: Spice Up(幸福料理).
Total Episode: 25.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm. 
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Jeanette Aw, Patrick Lee, Xu Bin, Sora Ma, Huang Qi Ming, Hong Hui Fang, Chen Shu Cheng and ......

Story Synopsis: 

Yu Nan (starring Jeanette Aw) is born with a talent for cooking and has sensitive taste buds. Since young, she was spoilt by her grandmother (starring Yu Li Sha) who would not allow her to help out in their family restaurant, Charlie’s Angel. Unfortunately, when her father Howard passed away, Charlie’s Angel was in danger of folding up.

Yu Nan’s mother Su Fei Fei (starring Hong Hui Fang) was devastated because she could not replicate the unique and popular salad dressing sold at Charlie’s Angel. Amazingly, Yu Nan concocted the salad dressing based on her memory of how it tasted which shocked both her grandmother and mother.

Yu Nan’s best friend, Lisa (starring Sora Ma), confides in Yu Nan whenever she has problems, and especially when she quarrels with her boyfriend, Mike (starring Huang Qi Ming). Little does she know that Yu Nan actually likes Mike. On the other hand, Yu Nan confides in Lisa’s brother, Simon (starring Xu Bin). However, she is not interested in him romantically as she finds him too boring. Clueless, Simon had always held a torch for Yu Nan but dare not confess his feelings for her because he is afraid of being rejected.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s mother (starring Han Yiting) is giving Mike a tough time. She is afraid Mike is out to cheat her daughter’s feelings just like her husband (starring Wen Shaoping) who is flirtatious. At the same time, Mike’s father (starring Chen Shu Cheng), Cai Shi, is also trying to destroy Mike and Lisa’s relationship. He is afraid that Lisa will be like his wife who abandoned the family after giving birth to Mike.

Chef Gao Ming Jun (starring Patrick Lee) was hired to help out at Charlie’s Angels. He has great chemistry with Yu Nan and they gradually progressed from loggerheads to lovers. Sadly, Yu Nan discovers that Gao Ming Jun is engaged by a rival, DANGER (starring Li Ming Chung), to spy on Charlie’s Angel, in an attempt to steal the salad dressing’s secret recipe. Yu Nan is uncertain about her future with Gao Ming Jun.

Will everyone find their true love? What will be the fate of Charlie’s Angel?


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Spice Up(幸福料理). 
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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