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Catch: Jesseca Liu in New Drama Series "Blessings(祖先保佑)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Blessings(祖先保佑)".

Blessings(祖先保佑) - Opening Theme Song.

Jesseca Liu(as  She MeiRen & Lin XiaoMei) in "Blessings(祖先保佑)".

New Drama Series: Blessings(祖先保佑).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm. 
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Shaun Chen, Chen Hanwei, Yao Wen Long, Jesseca Liu, Yvonne Lim, Sora Ma, You Yi, Chen Shu Cheng, Zhu Hou Ren and ......

Story Synopsis: 

In the 1940s, “Xiji” was a famous traditional Teochew traditional pastry shop in Singapore. Their mooncakes are particularly renowned. Lian Xuegeng, the boss of “Xiji”, has an only son Lian Wending who is very talented in baking pastry. Wending shares a bond with Lin Xiaomei, a travelling songstress. When his father finds out about it, he tries all means to stop them from seeing each other and even arranges for Wending to marry a rich merchant’s daughter, Sun Xiulan. Strangled by his father’s authority and bound by tradition, Wending accepts the arrangement helplessly. Xiulan is, in fact, a good wife and daughter-in-law, leading Wending to acknowledge that his father’s choice is right.

On Mid-Autumn Night, Wending loses consciousness after falling into a well. Upon waking up, Wending is shocked to find that he has travelled through time to arrive in modern Singapore. By a twist of fate, Wending happens to meet Lian Daxi who has difficulty hiring workers. Daxi, delighted to know that Wending can bake traditional pastry despite his youth, hires him immediately. Through Daxi, Wending befriends his younger brother Shuangxi, and discovers that both of them are his descendants who are running “Xiji” handed down by his family. The two Lian brothers are very different in character. They are rather unfortunate in matters concerning their family, career and love.

Daxi is a sentimental and emotionally fragile man but has a strong sense of responsibility. He goes all out to preserve the family business, but there is a limit to what he can do. Daxi has been hurt by love numerous times so much so that he is afraid of entering into any more relationships. As such, although he has eyes for Ouyang Xuan, the shop assistant next door, he has no courage to confess his love for her.

Shuangxi seems like a man of the house but in truth, he is a typical hen-pecked husband who is submissive to his wife Du Shini. Shuangxi likes to put on a brave front. In business, he often sets goals that cannot be met and thus, brings trouble to “Xiji”.

In Wending’s opinion, the problem with these two brothers is that they do not behave like real men and are a disgrace to him, their ancestor. Wending, therefore, decides to help them buck up and become real men.

Meanwhile, tradition is no longer valued, leading to a decline in business at “Xiji”. It faces a grim prospect of closing down. Wending does his best to save it, but apart from having to face changing times, he also encounters a stronger rival – She Meiren, a super career woman who looks exactly like Xiaomei but is worlds apart from her in character. Meiren intends to acquire “Xiji” so as to open a Western cakeshop and therefore, pits herself against Wending. Unexpectedly, in the bitter battle between these two “Westernised” and “traditional” rivals, both of them actually develop a liking for the other party. Nevertheless, the stubborn duo refused to admit it.

After a series of events, Wending starts to gain insights and finally decides to discard his former conservative mentality. Moreover, he takes inspiration from Western cakes and pastry and with his traditional pastry baking skills, creates new products. This boosts the business of “Xiji”. At the same time, he lets go of his chauvinistic baggage to develop a relationship with Meiren. But just as he is enjoying the success of his career and love, Wending discovers a way of returning to his time. Will Wending choose to remain in the present time to be with his beloved woman, or will he return to the past and let history runs its course so that the Lian brothers can continue to live in the present world…


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Blessings(祖先保佑). 
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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