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Catch: Felicia Chin in New Drama Series "In The Name Of Love(最爱是你)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "In The Name Of Love(最爱是你)".

In The Name Of Love(最爱是你) - Opening Theme Song.

Felicia Chin(as  Pan Xiao Min) in "In The Name Of Love(最爱是你)".

New Drama Series: In The Name Of Love(最爱是你).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm. 
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Felicia Chin, Pierre Png, Julie Tan, Zhu Hou Ren, Hong Hui Fang, Ann Kok, Bryan Wong, Ben Yeo, Priscelia Chan, Rayson Tan, Chen Shu Cheng, Richard Low, Lin Mei Jiao, Youyi and ......

Story Synopsis: 

Song Xin Ren inherits an antique shop from his father. Business is slack, so he often resorts to trickery such as placing some antiques where it is easy for customers to break them unwittingly upon entering the shop. Then, he makes them pay for the damage or buy the piece. The old-style apartment Xin Ren lives in is also a property he inherited from his father. He and his elder sister, Chu Yun, are co-owners. Its good location finds favour with a developer who sends his staff to collect signatures from occupants to seek an en bloc sale. Xin Ren is tempted. Unfortunately, his old neighbors, Wang Wei Guo and Hong Mei Dai are reluctant to move and thus, oppose the sale vehemently. Also, Wei Guo is an old employee of the antique shop who has known Xin Ren since he was a boy. Xin Ren has no choice but to reject the en bloc sale.

One day, a beautiful but aloof woman with a little boy visit the shop. The boy is a handful; despite Xin Ren’s warnings, he continues to misbehave. The woman is oblivious to his behaviour. So, Xin Ren deliberately breaks a vase but pins the blame on the boy, and demands compensation from the woman. She is aware that Xin Ren is seizing the opportunity to quote an astronomical price, but pays up without without any hesitation. Xin Ren laters finds out that the woman is unrelated to the child. He feels guilty and forms a deep impression of her. The woman is Pan Xiao Min, an unknown model. She plays hard to get in a bid to snare Xin Ren who falls hopelessly in love with her subsequently.

Meanwhile, Xin Ren chances upon a down-and-out young girl, Xiao Shan, on the street. Thinking that she is a homeless girl who has been reduced to being a thief, he takes her in. By offering accommodation and work to her, Xiao Shan is deeply touched and develops feelings for him.

Xiao Min has an intellectually disabled younger brother. To raise money for his medical fees, Xin Ren goes ahead to sign the en bloc agreement, in the face of opposition from his elder sister and the others. He gives $500,000 to Xiao Min. To his horror, Xiao Min disappears into thin air after she receives the money. Her old residence is vacant. It dawns on Xin Ren that Xiao Min is a bait thrown by the developer to trick him into signing the en bloc agreement. Devastated, Xin Ren starts to lose hope in life and drowns himself in work.

Xiao Shan feels sad for the despondent Xin Ren. She contributes money and time to help Xin Ren locate Xiao Min. Xin Ren is greatly touched. Subsequently, in a scheme by Hong Caishun the housekeeper, Xiao Shan lies to Xin Ren that she is suffering from a terminal illness and has only three months to live. Xin Ren is deceived and asks for her hand in marriage.

It is not until the eve of the wedding that Xin Ren discovers the truth about Xiao Shan’s identity. It turns out that she is the daughter of a rich man. Xiao Shan is in a predicament. If she confesses that her terminal illness is a fabrication, the wedding will be called off. Xiao Shan leaves quietly so that Xin Ren and Xiao Min can be together.

Wei Guo and Mei Dai have been married for years. They have two sons living apart from them, who are happily married with children and established in their careers. Mei Dai is always suspicious that Wei Guo is carrying on an extramarital affair, causing him much frustration. Wei Guo suspects that he is suffering from senile dementia when he becomes forgetful. Seeking a medical cure, and worrying about being a burden to Mei Dai, he initiates a divorce. Mei Dai thinks that Wei Guo is seeking a divorce because of a third party, and when she finds a hotel card in his pocket, is convinced that Wei Guo has a tryst with another woman in the hotel. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She adds insecticide to the dishes she cooks with the intention of killing Wei Guo slowly with poison. But the whole thing backfires on her. It turns out that she is the one suffering from dementia, not Wei Guo.

On seeing that Mei Dai’s condition is worsening, Wei Guo uses his apartment as a bait to persuade Jia Shu and A-Chan, his eldest son and daughter-in-law respectively, to take care of Mei Dai. In the end, however, the two of them abandon Mei Dai out of frustration. Left in the lurch, Wei Guo hires a maid. Unknown to him, the maid is ever attentive to Mei Dai in front of Wei Guo, but ill-treats her when nobody else is around while carrying on an illicit relationship with a man. When Wei Guo finds out about it, he dismisses the maid to look after Mei Dai himself. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to look after Mei Dai as it seems. Exhausted and exasperated, he loses his cool, slaps Mei Dai and breaks down in tears. Finally, Wei Guo decides to admit Mei Dai into a nursing home….

Chu Yun knocks down a little boy unintentionally in a fatal accident. From that day onwards, she is haunted by it and shuts herself out. She is fearful of driving a car, and even crossing the road. Lu Zhi Guang, Chu Yun’s better half, appears to be a good husband but has, in fact, a second family. Chu Yun discovers the truth only after she receives a photograph posted to her by a mysterious person. She asks for a divorce and demands nothing except the custody of their son, Yu’an. With help from her brother, Xin Ren, Chu Yun walks out of her dark days to begin life anew. In addition to returning to work, she attends a culinary class enthusiastically. In the class, she meets a rich and dashing businessman, Fang Yao Liang. Initially, she keeps a distance from him, but Yao Liang’s efforts in motivating Chu Yun to live courageously, even succeeding in getting her back behind the wheel, make Chu Yun accept Yao Liang gradually. Just when Chu Yun thinks that she has found happiness, Yao Liang suddenly sells his house and leaves without a word, dealing a big blow to Chu Yun.

After doing some detective work, Xin Ren finds out that the boy whom Chu Yun ran over is actually Yao Liang’s son. Yao Liang befriends Chu Yun with the intention of seeking revenge and to pay Chu Yun back in her own coin. In the end, however, Yao Liang is guilt-stricken. He drops the idea of revenge and chooses to leave Chu Yun. This is because Yao Liang discovers that he is hopelessly in love with this woman…...


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: In The Name Of Love(最爱是你). 
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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