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Catch: Jeanette Aw in New Drama Series "World At Your Feet(球在你脚下)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "World At Your Feet(球在你脚下)".

World At Your Feet(球在你脚下) - Opening Theme Song.

Jeanette Aw(as Mo Yuqing) in "World At Your Feet(球在你脚下)".

New Drama Series: World At Your Feet(球在你脚下).
Total Episode: 30.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm. 
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Zhang Zhenhuan, Tay Pinghui, Yvonne Lim, Dennis Chew, Vivian Lai, Zheng Geping, Aileen Tan, Ian Fang, Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang, Kimberly Chia, KK Cheung, Ha Yu and ......

Story Synopsis: 

Mei Renxin is a weirdo who is withdrawn. He does not get along well with people and is unapproachable.

Renxin’s anti-social behaviour is a result of an incident some years ago. His wife fainted on the road but nobody went to her aid. She died tragically and in bitterness after missing the window period to revive her.

Renxin was a celebrated soccer coach well known for his game strategies back then. However, the sudden death of his wife caused him much guilt. He could not forgive himself for neglecting and shortchanging her. Thereafter, he sank into oblivion and kept a distance from the sports arena.

The Mei family lives next door to the Mo family. The two families are separated by a thin wall.

The two neighbours were on cordial terms until Renxin became unapproachable. He had several brushes with Mo Lihua, the second sister in the Mo family, over some petty matters. It came to the point where their neighbourly ties were soured. The feuding resulted in the enmity between the Mei and Mo families.

In his youth, Hong Canghai was high-spirited and a name to be reckoned with in soccer.
His tricky “random kick” was a delight to watch. His forte was the penalty kick where he could send the ball to any point and even kick it straight into the goal. As his wife Zheng Yongyi cannot get along with his mother, Canghai has no choice but to move out. This leads to his younger brother, Dehai, resenting him for abandoning their mother over a woman. They became estranged. Canghai has always been someone who values friendship. He never turns down anyone’s request to borrow money from him. As a result of that, his wife is very unhappy with him. Seeing that he has achieved nothing, his career-minded wife decides to leave him. The couple have two sons aged 11 and 10. After the separation, Yongyi gains custody of the two children. Canghai and his children are miserable over their situation. Canghai refuses to give up. He will do anything to bring his broken family back together again.

Wu Weixiong, a professional soccer player, falls in love with Mo Yuqing at first sight. However, because Weixiong has an eye disease, he carries on an ambiguous relationship with Yuqing. Later, his role in an assault case discourages him from accepting Yuqing’s love as he has made up his mind to turn himself in. However, Yuqing is adamant that Weixiong is avoiding her for reasons he will not disclose. In the end, he is forced to hit Yuqing to drive her away.

Eversince Lihua met Weixiong, she is captivated by his manliness, and love for his children. She rents a room to Weixiong in the hope of capturing his heart. Unfortunately for her, Weixiong rejects her love as he still loves his wife.

After his release from jail, Weixiong’s eye disease worsens and he avoids people by living on his own. One day, Yuqing chances to meet Weixiong, who is a guide of “Dialogue in Darkness” Experiential Walk. She finds out the truth and decides to help Weixiong brace up and make a comeback. But Yuqing, who has accepted Gao Guotian’s love, is in a dilemma now.

Although Guotian is a gifted soccer player, he faces objections from Gao Shou over a soccer career. Gao Shou is his paternal uncle who has raised him.

Guotian and Weixiong are good friends. One day, both of them got into a drunken stupor. Guotian injured someone in his bid to save him. To protect himself, he bribes the witness to frame the miserable Weixiong. Weixiong, who is in the dark, chooses to turn himself in. Guotian pleads with him against doing so, yet is afraid to tell him the truth. He feels distressed.

Guotian is in love with Yuqing and stands by her. His constant encouragement and assistance finally moves Yuqing into accepting his love. However, Guotian is perfectly aware that their relationship rests on a time bomb that will go off anytime…

Gao Shou, too, was a professional soccer player when he was young. He gave up his dream for the sake of his career, and became a successful businessman. Ye Laixiang was a waitress but worked very hard to get close to Gao Shou to become his assistant. Although she knows that he is married, she continues to have feelings for him. It leads to a hopeless relationship with no end in sight, but gives a boost to her relationship with Renxing.

Mo Shijing, the eldest son of the Mo family, has incredible arm strength. Unfortunately, he is a bum addicted to gambling. He and Lan Yangyang, Renxin’s brother-in-law, are colleagues in a warehouse. In his youth, he fathered an illegitimate son (Huancong) without knowing it. He thought that the other party, Xiuhe, had the child with another man. It was only after Xiuhe revealed the truth on her deathbed that he came to his senses. Henceforth, he turned over a new leaf.

Yangyang is Renxin’s brother-in-law. He is languid by nature and does everything by foot instead of using his hands. This turns out to be a boon because it actually trains him to develop a set of skills using his feet. Yangyang, a former columnist, is a man of emotions. He falls for Yuqing but after being spurned by her, turns his attention to her elder sister, Lihua, creating some funny episodes in the process.

Wang Jiannan is the teammate of Canghai and Guotian. He requires a huge sum of money for medical treatment for his younger sister who is suffering from a serious illness.

This bunch of desperate people with a common passion for soccer decide to participate in a street soccer tournament that comes with a generous prize. But they are thrashed soundly in their first match. At the critical juncture, Renxin finally shows his prowess. Only then does everyone know that he is someone to be reckoned with. Thereafter, under Renxin’s coaching, the team surprisingly scores a victory and goes on to win match after match.

Meanwhile, Dehai, Huancong, Fang Yang and a few other young men form “Peaks Team” so that Renxin’s “Fire Team” cannot steal the limelight. This group of boys whose future seems uncertain are not exactly enthusiastic initially about participating in the tournament. Later, with encouragement from Yang Ming, who is afflicted with an incurable illness, they decide to take the tournament seriously in order to score a personal triumph as the boys feel that they have never won any prizes in their lives before.

And so the battle begins. The “Fire Team” of men past their prime and the “Peaks Team” of young men vie for the trophy. The two teams start out as rivals who are uncompromising but end up as friends who appreciate one other. The situation is certainly one of “The ball is in your court” and “Life is how you deal with it”. Faced with a common enemy subsequently, the Mei and Mo families discard their animosity to join hands in forming the “Brave Lions Team” to defeat the mighty Hong Kong team.

Renxin is the captain of the Singapore team. Whether this group of people will turn their lives around and make a comeback or not, one can only hear him shouting fervently on the sideline: “Don’t give up! The world is at your feet!”


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: World At Your Feet(球在你脚下). 
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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