Monday, October 28, 2013

Catch: Jesseca Liu in New Drama Series "Disclosed(揭秘)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series "Disclosed(揭秘)".

Disclosed(揭秘) - Opening Theme Song.

Jesseca Liu(as Kuang Yun Xiang ) in "Disclosed(揭秘)".

New Drama Series: Disclosed(揭秘).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm. 
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!
Cast: Tender Huang, Jesseca Liu, Andie Chen, Tang Ling Yi, Shane Pow, Eden Ang, Richard Low, Cavin Soh and ......

Story Synopsis: 

Disclosed’ revolves around a group of Public Relations(PR) specialists who helps high society clients perform damage control and maintain a favourable image. The team is led by computer forensic, Wen Chang Yu(Huang Teng Hao), who is highly intelligent and will resort to all means to crack a case. He looks like an optimist but he is actually bothered by a secret until he meets righteous Kuang Yun Xiang(Jesseca Liu). Bound by a superior-subordinate relationship, because of their differences in opinions, Chang Yu and Yun Xiang will often picker with each other. Gradually, they fell in love, surviving by loggerheads in the day at work and lovers at night. ‘Disclosed’ is a concept derived from true accounts of social media cases involving Internet fraud and cybercrimes, where a secret is never a secret as long as social media exist. Each case will cover 2 to 3 thrilling episodes.


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Disclosed(揭秘). 
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8.

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