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Catch: Rui En in New Drama Series "Sudden(骤变)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series: "Sudden(骤变)".
Sudden(骤变) - Opening Theme Song.

Rui En as (Cheng Chuning) in Sudden(骤变).
New Drama Series: Sudden(骤变).
Total Episode: 20.
Date & Time: Every Monday to Friday, 9pm to 10pm.
MediaCorp Channel 8!!!!

Cast: Romeo Tan, Rui En, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Zhen Huan, Ian Fang, Sora Ma, Yuan Shuai, Guo Liang, Constance Song, Brandon Wong, Chen Tian Wen, Yao Wen Long, Zen Zhang, Jayley Woo, Zheng Geping, Paige Chua, Ye Shi Pin and .......

Story Synopsis: 

Fang Qiliang feels a rush of blood to his head followed by a splitting pain. He attempts to open his eyes and in his daze, he sees blurry wisps of smoke floating like fine snowflakes. He finds himself strapped tightly in the overturned car by the seat belt after a major hit by a huge lorry.

Cheng Chuning searches for Qiliang frantically. She spots Qiliang beside the badly damaged vehicle. Many cars have stopped to assess the accident while some drivers pick up their mobile phones dialling for help.

 In this chaotic sight, Chuning races towards Qiliang’s car anxiously and fears for the worst. Is she about to lose the man she loves most?


All of these will not have happen if Qiliang and Chuning had not taken on this particular lawsuit.

A sensational case has taken place just three weeks ago when Zhong Zheng Lie, the founder of a charitable organization was found dead in his office. No one witness the crime but everyone points to a common suspect - Huang Yi Xing who is Zhong Zheng Lie’s personal assistant.

Thinking that there is more than it meets the eye, Qiliang and Chuning took up this case to which they also believe that Yi Xing is innocent. In order to vindicate Yi Xing’s innocence, they have to prove that she was not present at the crime scene. However, the prosecutor has substantial proof against her. A syringe covered with Yi Xing’s fingerprints is found to contain insulin which caused the death of Zheng Lie’s.

 Everyone thinks Yi Xing staged Zheng Lie’s suicide to disguise her murder deed. Her love for Zheng Lie has seemingly turned to hatred and she is also possibly hoping to pocket his wealth.

While Qiliang and Chuning work extremely hard to defend Yi Xing’s innocence, Yi Xing puts a stop to their efforts and pleads guilty. They dig deeper and find shocking details. It will affect RHF’s reputation (the charity organization) and implicate many other charity plans if the matter gets exposed. Strangely, Yi Xing does not wish to put Zheng Lie’s reputation at stake despite his previous wrong-doings.

Qiliang finds an alibi for Yi Xing. He is a security guard by the name of Guo Zhong Xin. Turns out, Zhong Xin is Yi Xing’s biological father who lost her 17 years ago in a kidnap. Qiliang and Zhong Xin were making their way to prison to meet Yi Xing when the fatal accident happen, leaving Qiliang paralysed waist down and Zhong Xin dead.
Yi Xing loses her alibi and is eventually convicted.


Qiliang initiates a breakup with Chuning so that she can move on to a better life. However, Chuning chooses to standby him and be his pillar of strength.

One year later, Yi Xing’s twin sister visits Qiliang and triggers his memory of Yi Xing’s lawsuit.  Qiliang wants to appeal for Yi Xing’s case but holds back due to the fact that he is now bounded to a wheelchair. Encouraged by Chuning’s endless support, Qiliang finally picks himself up and is motivated to re-look into Yi Xing’s case.

Qiliang sets up a law firm and takes on one lawsuit after another with his an unusual team that includes his cousin Wen Tai, buddy Sheng Hua and an interning lawyer Wei Qian.


After the reconciliation with Qiliang, Chuning experiences a series of nagging headache followed by the inability to recall things. Her memory is receding. All of her beautiful memories with Qiliang are sadly fading away. Fearing for the worst, she seeks medical help and discovers that she has a rare case of brain cancer that is found to be heredity. There is no cure for her condition and even if she survives, her memory will be wiped out. Chuning has never felt so helpless.

As Chuning’s condition worsens, not only does it endanger her life, it is also wearing out her optimistic personality as she sinks into deep misery.


Qiliang finds out that the accident that he was involved in is not entirely a coincidence. It has been carefully crafted to make it look like one. He is determined to find out the truth and clear Yi Xing’s name.

A new murder weapon surfaces and the case is re-opened. One of the witnesses points out that a will was found at the crime scene.

Upon further investigation, Qiliang and Chuning realise that the will belongs to the deceased Zheng Lie. It appears that it was not a murder but a suicide after all. With a twist of events, will Yi Xing eventually be acquitted? Is she still a murderer?

As Chuning’s memory loss continues to deteriorate, Qiliang will unavoidably be forgotten by her. Not wanting to burden Qiliang with a lifetime of responsibility, she eventually chooses one way to free him.

With one obstacle after another, will their love for each other be able to last till the end?


Remember to catch it tonight at 9pm!!!!

Original & Picture Source: Sudden(骤变)
Credits: MediaCorp Channel 8. 

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