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Catch: Jesseca Liu in New Drama Series "Marry Me(我要嫁出去)" Tonight!!!!

New Drama Series: "Marry Me(我要嫁出去)".
Marry Me(我要嫁出去) - Opening Theme Song.
Jesseca Liu(as Rainbow) in Marry Me(我要嫁出去).
New Drama Series: Marry Me(我要嫁出去).
Total Episode: 13.
Date & Time: Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 8pm to 9pm. MediaCorp Channel U!!!!
Cast: Jesseca Liu, Yvonne Lim, Ya Hui, Thomas Ong, Pierre Png, Jeffrey Xu, Yuan Shuai and .......

Story Synopsis:

When love arrives, happiness can be very simple. 
Everyone likes to give a nickname to middle-aged single ladies. As more women become equally/more educated than men, is marrying late or not at all, a choice? Or is it a trend?
Marriage is not something you buy at a supermarket; you pay for what you want. Being a cheapskate will not get you anything good and don’t even think about getting discounts! With your life happiness on the line, who doesn’t want the best for themselves? But do you really get the best through all that choosing?
This drama takes a light-hearted and humorous approach to discuss the reasons why people are marrying late or not at all, through the life stories of 3 women belonging to 3 different categories: Rainbow, Xixi, the workaholic and Ruoxian.

Category 1: The power woman
Economically independent and pretty. Owns many positive traits, has no lack of suitors and is often the centre of attraction. Has high expectations of the other half. Yet, when she is tired of flirtatious love and wants to settle down, will she be able to find a man who can offer true love? Does the choosing when younger, but now with little time left, will she lower her pride and be the chosen one instead?

Representative - Rainbow
Category 2: The workaholic
Loves her work, always busy, and has no time for love. Unfortunately, love needs time and nurturing; a marriage needs conscientious management. They often sacrifice their relationship for a successful career. Does there really have to be a choice between love and career? Or is it because there is no time to look for the right one?

Representative - Liu Xixi
Category 3: The inferior one
Lacks confidence, always thinks she is never good enough. Doesn’t believe her luck when even she meets her Mr Right. Chooses to self-question and give up even before the get-go. Usually raises the white flag before the war starts and is too weak to withstand any blow. If she does not love herself, how is she able to love others and receive love?

Representative -  Liang Ruoxian

Is there truth in ‘there is no woman who can’t be married, only those who choose not to’ or is it ‘All women want to get married but not all have the luck of getting hitched’?
To remain single is to enjoy single life? Or are they forced to be single? Perhaps there other unspoken difficulties? We'll touch on this topic with a light-hearted approach.

Remember to catch it tonight at 8pm!!!!
Original & Picture Source: Marry Me(我要嫁出去).  
Credits: MediaCorp Channel U.  

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