Friday, April 23, 2010

Three roles and no award for Felicia Chin but “it's ok”

Touted as one of the “strongest competitors” for last week’s Most Favourite Female Character award, Felicia Chin talks about her triple nomination and loss.

Felicia Chin
pulled a stunner when all three roles for her characters in Love Blossoms (Tao Haitong), The Ultimatum (Sun Min), and Baby Bonus (Apple Hong) were nominated for the Most Favourite Female Character award last week.

Unlike her fellow competitors who faced bouts of merry-go-rounds with their character nominations falling in and out of the listings each week, Felicia's roles held their ground and all three nominations squeezed through the final 10 listing at last Sunday's Star Awards Show 1.

Despite being labeled "the strongest contender" by her fellow competitor, Jeanette Aw, who jokingly lamented at Felicia taking up "30% of the nominations," the triple-nomination princess failed to push through the final bout of voting and eventually lost the award to the latter.

In an exclusive phone interview with xinmsn yesterday, the busy bee who finally got back to us from her packed filming schedule for the upcoming Ch 8 drama series No Limits, sounded perky and upbeat.

"Three roles and no award, it's not a disappointment to me. In fact, it is a big achievement. I really didn't expect it and a lot of effort went into it [the three nominations]. The number is just amazing," she gushed, brushing off talks of disappointment and defeat.

In fact, she takes comfort that the public "really liked all three characters" which summed up her "whole year's achievements." Despite each role being strikingly different from her usual girl-next-door demeanor, the overwhelming polls have further reaffirmed Felicia's confidence and now, she has "little fear in trying roles that are not as well-liked."

The 25-year-old explained, "These characters are not that well-liked -- not as glamorous, not as beautiful (tomboy getup in The Ultimatum) and not as socially-acceptable (single mother in Baby Bonus). These are the pretty daring things I did last year and it has come to a point where I feel that it has been accepted."

Decked out in a frivolous Marc by Marc Jacobs frock for the recent Star Awards Show 1, Felicia appeared unusually tanner with an evident swimsuit tan line showing on her shoulders.

"It's free endorsement for the new show, No Limits, originally known as Splashes and Strings)!" she mischievously chortled before exclaiming, "The makeup artiste got a shock! I am now three to four shades darker! It is to the point whereby I had to change the colour tone of my entire wardrobe!"

Wardrobe issues aside, Felicia jested, "I think I can do the 4 X 100 medley race after this show. I can even be the backup swimmer for the Youth Olympics team! (guffaws)"

With the past three weeks packed with "intensive filming and lots of pool scenes," it seems like this princess is bent on making her swimming practice and effort count in the upcoming Youth Olympics.

And to that we say... Game on, Felicia!


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