Friday, April 2, 2010

Suggestions to continue the trend...

Some friendly suggestions to provide to the creator of this blog:

1) As of 1st May, you may want to revamp the blog... in other words, change the layout, rename it into the "Four Future Ah Jies", and mainly focus on the 4 remaining Princesses, while retaining the past entries on all seven.
Mark this quote from Jeanette Aw: "There's no point clinging on to the title (of Seven Princesses) if there are no longer seven of us."

2) alternatively, you may want to close the original blog (as in stop creating new entries, but not deleting the whole thing) and make a fresh start by creating an entirely new blog instead if Point No 1 seems a bit too difficult to do.

3) Most importantly, stop conducting the Princess of the Month and Most Popular Princess competitions FOR GOOD. And no competitions for the remaining 4 either. (strongly recommended)

4) One final note, my decision to leave this blog at the end of this month still stands, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. I won't even consider joining the new blog, for I have insufficient time for that. I want to move on to other phases in life...

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