Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zoe's thoughts on the Seven Princesses

Top actress Zoe Tay has critiqued seven of MediaCorp's most popular actresses in an interview with a fashion magazine.

Asked who had the most potential to succeed her among the seven, Zoe side-stepped the question and instead gave frank assessments on each of them.

Her harshest words were directed at Fiona Xie... "She's just sexy. Men love her, women hate her."

Zoe, 41, is known for her lack of airs and being a straight-shooter.

Here are The Queen's thoughts on the other Princesses...

On Jeanette Aw: "Her acting has gradually matured and it proves she has a relatively strong ability to learn and adapt."

On Dawn Yeoh: "She has become more mature. She used to be just a cutie pie with a doll-like voice."

On Felicia Chin: "I think she looks quite ordinary, but she's very lively. She can occasionally be saucy, but there's also an air of assessability about her."

On Jesseca Liu: "She doesn't have great ambitions, but wants to do her job well."

On Joanne Peh: "She is indisputably a sporty girl, very sunny, very energetic and very modern."

On Rui En: "She is totally different from the rest. She has character and a bit of a temper, like an ice queen. Not everyone will like her. But what we have to admit is that she leaves a deep impression."

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