Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jetset Joanne flying high

Currently busy shooting a new drama series, Joanne Peh who rose to fame from her titular role in The Little Nonya, recently became the new image ambassador for Jetstar Airlines.

Jetstar Airlines invested a few million dollars in a promotional campaign that would be launched in Asia. Peh was informed by the airlines in June of her image ambassador role for Jetstar.

She said, "I was really surprised to be chosen! My manager had previously mentioned this job to me and I received a last minute confirmation from the company 3 days before we left for the shooting in Hong Kong."

As filming for her new drama Your Hand in Mine is currently underway, under the cooperation of the filming crew, Peh managed to squeeze out six days to film the commercial. They had to rush immediately from one location to another while shooting in Hong Kong and the Bali islands.

The Australian production crew consisted of eight people, their professional attitude and efficiency has garnered the respect of Peh, "They were very professional and clear about the shots they wanted. I can wholly trust them."

"There were many underwater shots taken in Bali and the cameraman had to enter the waters too. Despite the strong crashing waves, he stood firmly and held onto his heavy camera. I had to stand firmly too because I couldn't say it was a shooting problem, I had to do even better."

Peh excitedly continued, "We were in Hong Kong at 7am in the morning shooting in the middle of the road. The cameraman even lied down on the road to shoot some scenic shots! We were lucky there weren't many cars in the early morning!"

Apart from her encounters with the policemen who tried to chase the crew away, the camera crew continued shooting while the PR crew explained things to the police, "The police would not come when we weren't filming but they would start running over once the camera started rolling. It was hilarious, the police eventually told us to film on the sidewalks!"

Doing the Jetstar's signature 'jump shot' at every shooting location was the most strenuous task for Peh. In Bali, she had to do the jump at 31 different onsite locations in one day, "My calves were hurting from the jumps. In Bali, we stayed at a two-storey hotel and it was an arduous task climbing up the steps. When I came back, I realized I grew thinner!"

However tiring it was, Peh said, "Watching the end product gives me the biggest sense of satisfaction! The final product looks really good."

Peh says that she has no qualms taking up future ambassador roles for fashion and beauty products, "I have not set any limits for myself. However, I would like to work with different international production crews because I can learn many things from the process."

Taken from Yahoo News

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