Friday, July 17, 2009

Fiona Xie quitting MediaCorp?

Sexy Princess of Caldecott, Fiona Xie, surprised co-actors and media yesterday morning at the lensing ceremony of MediaCorp's blockbuster Together, when it was announced that she has pulled out of the drama at the last minute. Her replacement has been announced and that will be fellow celeb Eelyn Kok.

Her artiste manager quoted "personal reasons" for Fiona's withdrawal, but cast and production crew later divulged that Fiona has actually previously expressed her worries about the negativity of the character, and also wondered if she was competent for it.

While the real reason of Fiona's withdrawal has not been divulged, several speculations have arisen. There are rumours that say she may have terminated her contract prematurely with MediaCorp and even leave the local entertainment scene altogether. According to sources, her contract will only end next year.

It is also said that she has offended a producer and was thus put in "cold storage" by the company, resulting in less TV exposure and thus not being among the Top Ten Most Popular Female Artistes in the recent Star Awards.

Others say that Fiona, who has always prioritized romances, is pregnant (!!!) and has to leave showbiz temporarily. However, there are also some who think that Fiona is hoping to develop her career overseas in the movie industry. She made her debut silver screen performance with Rule #1 opposite HK stars Shawn Yue and Ekin Cheng, and has recently wrapped up shooting in the movie Fist of the Dragon last month.

According to a reliable source, Fiona has no plans to terminate her contract with MediaCorp, but is currently working out a new format for cooperation.

On constant pursuit of reporters, MediaCorp artiste management cannot emphasize enough that Fiona has withdrawn for "personal reasons" but is unable to comment on the rumour of the early termination of her contract.

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