Monday, July 13, 2009

Felicia on this week's U-weekly, plus 7 Princess report card

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“Suffer in Reel Life, Score in Real Life”
“The Ultimatum” just finished its run last week. If Zoe Tay and Jerry Yeo are considered the baddies in the seres, then Felicia Chin has to be the most pitiful character.
The series of unlucky events that happen to her in the show has been a hot topic on Internet forums.
Joanne Peh’s portrayal of a rape victim in “The Little Nyonya” garnered her a Best Actress win at this year's
Star Awards. Is The Ultimatum’s scriptwriting trying to create the same sort of buzz by casting Felicia in a victim role?
Said the actress, “I can’t answer this from an actor’s standpoint- I just follow the script hat is given to me. But I don’t think the scriptwriter would do something like that.” Felicia added that this was her most emotional role to date.

Other than Felicia, the other 6 Princesses are featured as well. Here is the overall star ratings for all 7 of them... don't mind the indirect translation ;-p

Joanne Peh- 4.5 stars. Started the year off with a very high point by winning Best Actress award at this year's Star Awards (the first Princess to do so), on the day after her birthday. Currently filming 180-episode drama "Your Hand In Mine". She has also learnt to be more efficient in handling reporters' questions and more flexible in delivering her answers.

Felicia Chin-
4 stars. Ever since changing her Chinese name from Feng Ling to Jing Xuan last February, the sweet-faced actress' luck has improved greatly, snaring meaty roles in "The Golden Path" and "The Ultimatum". Never mind if her first live hosting stint for the doomed "Campus Superstar 3" was met with mixed reviews. Guys and gals of all ages love Felicia to bits.

Jeanette Aw-
3.5 stars. In recent years, Jeanette has gotten plenty of opportunities, eventually snaring another breakthrough role as Yueniang in "The Little Nyonya". Despite losing out the Best Actress award to dark horse Joanne, she wasn't disheartened one bit and continued to reign supreme; she is currently filming "Together" with Dai Yang Tian, Elvin Ng, Fiona Xie and many more.

Fiona Xie-
3 stars. She has been involved in more Channel 5 shows in recent years, and due to the fact that she had not been given much offers from Channel 8, she admitted that at times she felt like she was 'left in the cold slab' and even contemplated quitting at one point of time had it not been for her 'heavenly figure'. But now that she is filming the year-end blockbuster "Together", hopefully this will boost her self-esteem and get her climbing back to the top of the game.

Rui En- 2.5 stars. She truly stands out differently from the other Princesses, being the 'cool and aloof' type who does not want to do intimate scenes or wear anything too outlandish 9she doesn't own a dress); she even stated at one point that she doesn't feel like a Princess in any way. But her performances in recent shows like "Metamorphosis" and "By My Side" had garnered more fans.

Dawn Yeoh- 2 stars. Being the cute-as-a-button type, she has always been cast as the super sweet and cute type in nearly all the dramas she had appeared in for the last 3 years. But her role as a messy yet lovable detective in "Crime Busters X2" was a memorable one. Give Dawn a few more years and she will be nominated for Best Actress!

Jesseca Liu- 1.5 stars. It's a huge shame that this once-hot Princess from Malaysia who made people stand up with her unforgettable Ruan Mianmian role in the 2005 mega-drama "Portrait Of Home" seemed to have lost some of her star quality as of late, with news of her highly publicised breakup with Taiwanese actor Fan Zhiwei (even though they remained close friends) overshadowing her roles in shows like "Beach Ball Babes" and "The Dream Catchers". To make things worse, half of the movie starring Jess and Fan had to be re-done, and the release date pushed back to end of the year. Not to forget mentioning that Jess isn't as highly ambitious as the others like Jeanette or Joanne.


Anonymous said...

no offence. everyone has their opinion. this princess thing is not relevant today anymore. i seem to notice that those who have not sought surgeon's help to enhance their chest seem to do less well in the magazine ranking than those who have. just an observation. if that's the case, the ranking should the most bitchy versus the least. btw, this online voting can be manipulated - those more IT savvy will know what i mean. they can create several accounts and vote as if there are many votes from different people but actually from one person. so if i were u, i would change to comment blog instead of voting. ie, allow people to comment on the actresses instead of voting. i know some actresses are more IT savvy than others. i hope u know what i mean.

girl said...

i really think that no ratings or "stars" should be awarded to the 7 princesses. as some of them will be demoralised. who would think that jesseca liu stands at the last of the list? although some are more famous and popular than the others, they should not be fared that way. also, jesseca gt the top 10 in star awards ! so, magazines should not do such irrelavent stuff. everyone is trying their best to do better, so give encouragements.

TaNaT DaMaN said...

I think Fiona SHOULD be ranked the lowest instead of Jess, given her recent decision to pull out from "Together" and then go MIA... so unprofessional and irresponbile for her to do that, I feel >:-(