Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking News: Fiona Xie(谢宛俞) Pulled Out of Year-End 台庆剧 Together(当我们同在一起).

So Sudden. So Immediate. So little time left.

Fiona Xie was one of the main leading actresses (Jeanette Aw is the other lead) specially chosen for the year end 台庆剧 2009’s Anniversary drama ‘Together(当我们同在一起)’ . Filming is due to start (lensing ceremony at 10am), Fiona had already read the scripts and done up her imaging with a new set of clothes specially tailor-made for her (she has the most number of fashionable wears in the drama) but…

“With regrets, Fiona Xie has to pull out of this blockbuster to attend to some personal matters,” says the official reply from her manager.

Fiona was given the role of Huang Jing Hao – someone who is beautiful, sexy and materialistic. This is the favorite role of our dear writer Ang Eng Tee (who wrote ”The Little Nyonya’). It is one of those roles that will leave a strong impression and probably get the artiste a nomination for Best Actress in Star Awards 2010 (if played well). It is a difficult and challenging role as the actress must be able to win over the audience’s sympathy at the end and not end up becoming a subject of much hatred.

With her sudden withdrawal, the production team has jumped into an emergency mode to look for a worthy replacement. Within such a short time, this replacement must be credible enough to lead the drama, digest the entire 35 episodes of scripts faster than any other existing artistes in the show (who started reading the scripts more than 3 weeks ago) and tailor-make a whole new set of wardrobe. I understand that several actresses within and outside MediaCorp are being considered now…

It is a pity that Fiona has withdrawn from it as such a role doesn’t come by easily. The replacement actress will be one lucky gal. It is also one role which will come with alot of pressure to do well, maybe to prove to everyone out there that she is worthy to be the ‘IT’ actress for the coveted role, not just a ‘Fiona’s replacement’.

The lensing ceremony will take place at 10am on Wednesday. ‘Together’ is Ch 8’s 46th Anniversary drama written and produced by the same talents behind ‘The Little Nyonya’. Set against the changing landscape of Singapore’s history in the 60s-80s, its cast of young and veterans include such stars as Dai Yang Tian, Elvin Ng, Kola Zhou, Zhang Zhen Huan, Zheng Ge Ping, Hong Hui Fang, Aileen Tan, Lee Wen Hai, Constance Song, etc.

I wll keep all posted on who will become the lucky star soon…by the way, what in your opinion could be the reason Fiona pulled out suddenly and which star is your choice to take over this role?

Loads of online gosips flooding now, here are some from

- DYT revealed that Fiona did express uneasiness about her role

- Because Fiona hated the idea of playing 2nd lead to Jeanette Aw

- Scriptwriter said Fiona probably hated her role

- Fiona’s manager said it was Fiona’s personal reason to withdraw also gossiped:

- Withdrew from drama because Fiona’s pregnant?

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TaNaT DaMaN said...

Damnit man, I was also damn shocked over Fiona's decision to pull out midway thru the drama. This was supposed to be her first Ch 8 drama after some time lor... lucky I not a big fan of Fiona, otherwise I sure heartbroken. Quite strange for Eelyn to take over her...