Friday, June 26, 2009

Jeanette Aw On "The Princess & The Prince(当公主遇上王子)".

Jeanette Aw trailer in "The Princess & The Prince(当公主遇上王子)".

Jeanette Aw finally going to appear in "The Princess & The Prince(当公主遇上王子)" tonight (26 June 2009). Do catch it on channel 8 at 8pm.

From: Mediacorp's Website.

Featuring MediaCorp up & coming "Princess" & Princes’s romantic love encounters, ideal partner, fashion styles and their perspective of life.It’s a fairy tale like style guide infotainment magazine show.
This show provides a style guide for viewers who want to know the hottest trends, who’s wearing what and who’s doing what. Each week, 1 host will anchor the programme with his guest princess and her guest prince to understand their style and fashion manual.

This program will start off with an enactment of a romantic love story of the princess or prince telling us what the "Princess" or the "Prince" like his/her partner to be like. A chat segment to reveal the princess /prince youth story and how they became who they are today!
We will also Introduce shops that portray their likes and dislikes for dressing, How these "Princes and Princess" style for various occasions
A segment covering their secret wish list on the things they would like to do for his/her loved ones too!!!!

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