Thursday, May 7, 2009

Results for the 7-Princesses "Best Screen Couple"???

For the 7-Princesses "Best Screen Couple" here we will only post OUT the 2 couple that will be eliminate from here now ok?

7-Princesses "Best Screen Couple" that eliminate from here is as follow:

Jeanette Aw @ Tay Pinghui.
Fiona Xie @ Zhang Yaodong.

Now left 16 "Best Screen Couple" please carry on voting here now for your favorite's 7-Princesses "Best Screen Couple" ok!!!!

Format for "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" is as follow:

First, all of you need to do is to nominate your favorite "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" at the sidebar below the "Most Popular Princesses" polls there now.

Second, we will pick Top20 most nomination list here then we will go thould the voting polls here again.

Third, each week we will eliminate 2 couple here untill left 2 couple this 2 couple will be in Final Stage then in the Revival Round we will bring back all the 18 couple back here to vote again the Top2 from the Revival Round will be in the Final Stage together with the others 2 which has been qualified to the Final Stage.

Rules for the competition are as follow:

Round 1: It's not a "Multi Voting" here....mean u all are not allow to vote more then once here now but you all are allow to have a choice to vote for here now....

Round 2(Revival Round): You all are allow to vote more then once here lah....mean it's a "Multi Voting" here but will not have a choice to vote for here in this stage ok....

Final Round: You all are still allow to vote more then once here now it's still a "Multi Voting" here now but will not be allow to see the result here....mean we will "Hide" the results here in this Final Stage here ok....haha!!!!

*Multi Voting is not allow here now for the time being*

(Note: WINNER for the "7-Princesses Best Screen Couple" Photo would be put up at the sidebar.)

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