Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catch: Felicia Chin In "The Ultimatum(双子星)".

New Drama Series: The Ultimatum(双子星).

Felicia Chin trailer in The Ultimatum(双子星).

Felicia Chin in The Ultimatum(双子星).

Felicia Chin(act as Sun Min).

24 years old.
Sun Min is a cheerful girl whose passion is gambling. Due to her upbringing, she is a non-conformist and shuns the typical path most people take in life. Instead, she idolizes the God of Gamblers and inspires to become the Goddess of Gamblers.

After her father passes away, Sun Min goes under the care of her brother Sun Jie(played by Tay Pinghui). She meets Zhida(played by Li Nanxing) who possesses a strong resemblance to her idol God of Gamblers and is determined to help him regain his lost memory.

Thinking that the God of Gamblers never takes in female disciples, Sun Min disguises herself as a guy and sneaks in to work at the coffee shop just to get near Zhi Da. Always a jovial girl, Sun Min is later harmed by Ye Ren De(played by Jerry Yeo), who causes her to lose her sanity. Fortunately, Song Qing(played by Zhang Zhenghuan) does not give up on her and stands firmly by her.

(Note: "The Ultimatum(双子星) DEBUTS TOMORROW, MAY 27 2009, WEEKDAYS AT 9PM." MediaCorp Channel 8. Don't Miss this exciting series.)

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