Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featurette on upcoming dramas

School's In
Classroom lessons, moral lessons or gongfu lessons. They'll all in 2 upcoming Channel 8 dramas- My School Daze and The Shaolin Warriors.
"My School Daze"- debuts on April 29th (Wednesday), 9 pm
Play punk: In primary school, Chen Hanwei once whacked a classmate who didn't allow him to peek at his exam answers. There's more... "I also went into the girls' tilet because someone told me that there weren't any urinals there, and I didn't believe him. But after primary school, I changed for the better- I became very hardworking and studious." And presumably finally understood why girls don't need urinals.
Classic irony: Rui En was known to be her Chinese teacher's worst nightmare. "My Mandarin was very bad when I was in school, and I wouldn't pay attention in class. It's ironic since i'm now acting as a Chinese teacher. This just goes to show that you'll get your just desserts!" And even bigger irony that you now make a living speaking Mandarin, no?
"The Shaolin Warriors"- debuts May 5th (Tuesday), 7 pm
Say what? Christopher Lee, who plays a Ming Dynasty general, was awestruck when he underwent training atthe famed Shaolin Temple in China for his role. "I felt like a kid again, because all the students around me were so young. It's only after I went to Shaolin to learn gongfu that I knew the real meaning of dying."
Nyonya no more: Jeanette plays a tough spy in her first period drama. "There's a scene where my character gets raped, and dragged down a flight of staris. A body double stood in for me, but the whole scene still traumatises me!" says the not-so-tough Aw-ster.
Taken from 8 days issue no 966... yep, that's Hugh Jackman on the cover, the Australian hunk made famous by his portrayal of the comic book hero Wolverine. He plays the titular role of the upcoming action flick "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" which debuts in Singapore and other Asian countries on April 29th.

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