Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jesseca featured in i-weekly issue no 591

Jesseca graces the cover of this week's i-weekly. She talks about her 'not-so-secret admirer', whom she met in athe se for the upcoming movie "Huan Yuan" (release date to be confirmed).

We also have a list on rumored pairings... besides Jess and Fan Zhiwei, we also came up with possiblities between Dawn Yeoh and Jackson Tan, as well as Joanne Peh with Bobby Tonelli (he played Yueniang's Caucasian husband in "The Little Nyonya").

Also featured... Rui En and the car models used for the upcoming drama "My School Daze".

Felicia Chin and Zhang Yaodong will be featured in the last episode of "3-in'1", to be aired on the 10th of March.

Get your copy of i-weekly for only 2 dollars. ;-)

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